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March 2005
Released: 2005, Black Market Recordings/Metal Blade
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Gabriel C. Zolman

I really had no idea how vicious this would be from the packaging; I was sure it would be some experimental alternative release (ironically, I was right on both counts, but not in the way I had assumed). Then I start hearing quasi-metal riffs and myriad jazz progressions…and then the Euro thing at 1:24…and the groove thing at 1:58…and now I’m just confused. Good stuff, though, if you’re the “happy” kind of insane.

As far as genre-blending (bending?) goes, Paria are up there with Candiria—if not better. Candiria had these ghetto fixations that I couldn’t tolerate—however, Paria are more padded cell than urban hood. I can scarcely even describe it.

The average song changes genres every fifteen seconds. I’m not joking. It does get tedious after a while—you start to feel like, “Jesus, people—decide what sort of song you want to play, already!” (To which the band replies, “Okay…All of them!”) Ultimately, this is for people who can’t decide what to listen to. Really—by the three-song mark, I was already exhausted.

I have to give the band credit for blood vessel-bursting musicianship (plus one point) and achieving so completely what they set out to the first time out (plus another point).

The delivery is what makes it. The stop-on-a-dime guitarwork is beyond intense—it actually seemed as if the band were actively mocking me through my headphones. (Plus another point).

I don’t question that this is genius of some sort; it’s just whether or not it’s the evil kind that leaves me hanging. I can’t pick a stand-out cut…it’s all kind of a blur, and I think I might need counseling. My money is on track #2 ("The Absurdity Of Solace"), though.

Perhaps they should have named the record after track #8, the appropriately named “Dancing To The Sounds Of Screams.” That pretty much sums it up.

Fans of Dillinger Escape Plan, Burnt By The Sun, and all that jazz should make haste to find this. Those who do not have ADHD, however...bear with it--they're really very ill.

Oh, and two words: bonus track.

You’ve been warned.
Track Listing

1. Misanthropos
2. The Absurdity Of Silence
3. A Modernist Approach To….
4. …Human Error
5. Seeds Planted In Concrete
6. A Torn Instance
7. 9 Years
8. Dancing To The Sounds Of Screams
9. 93rd And Paddock And Road



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