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October 2016
Released: 2016, AFM Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

It took the band four years to follow up on TALES OF THE WEIRD but it was worth the wait. I thought they might loose a bit of momentum but my fear was unfounded! I was also worried that they complete and total line-up overhaul, with three members exiting and three news ones joining, that the instability might mess up the chemistry of the last album, but again, Paradox pulled it off. I suppose as long as founder, singer, guitarists and main song-writer Charley leads the band, it will be Paradox. One of the only things that didn’t change is that band is still on AFM Records!

PANGEA is the bands 7th full-lengthy studio album and pretty much picks up right off where the last album left off. Heavy and fast Paradox is one of those few bands like Vicious Rumors that nicely straddles both Thrash and Power Metal. Speaking of Vicious Rumors, Tilen Hudrap (Vicious Rumors) is now the new bassist for Paradox so perhaps there is a slight connection there. It’s a solid and hefty album with the ten songs running for an hour with some more adventurous compositions on display with half the songs in the 6-7 minute range. This album crushes skulls from start to finish great riffs, great production and lots of good solos like the one heard on ‘Manhunt’. The whole collection of songs has that sort of ‘controlled chaos’ feel to it…always threatening to go off the rails but never quite does giving the listener the proverbial (and perhaps to use a cliché on my part) white-knuckle rollercoaster ride.

On a final note, PANGEA has my favourite album cover they have done, featuring some sort of giant multi-tentacle space monster eating the entire planet earth! Yum!
Track Listing

1. Apophis
2. Raptor
3. The Raging Planet
4. Ballot or Bullet
5. Manhunt
6. Cheat & Pretend
7. Pangea
8. Vale of Tears
9. Alien Godz
10. El Muerte


Charly Steinhauer Vocals, Guitar
Gus Drax Guitar
Tilen Hudrap Bass
Kostas Milonas Drums



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