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September 2004
Released: 2004, Xtreem Music
Rating: 3.9/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Hailing and worshipping the 90´s Swedish Stockholm sounds of death like more than anything else in the vast world of Metal? Then I guess the Swedish retro-deathsters Paganizer obviously are one of those bands that can offer exactly all that for you. This Swedish trio (gone are the guitarist Dea who was the founding member of Paganizer; also Oskar Nilsson who handled bass in the band´s line-up, left the band due to a lack of motivation in later half of 2003) nowadays, has unleashed their fifth studio album titled NO DIVINE RAPTURE which they recorded at Soundlab Studio; the same studio they used for the recordings of their previous album MURDER DEATH KILL – and even using the same producer named Mieszko Talarzcyk (that Nasum –fame) who produced the band´s MURDER… -album. Seems like Paganizer has found a water-proof recipe for themselves because on NO DIVINE RAPTURE they haven´t failed to re-live through the 90´s old school Death Metal vibe and feeling, but become even more determined and goal-orientated of how they want Paganizer to sound like in the first place. Such Swedish at least semi-cult names from the past Swedish Death Metal scene as Carnage, Nihilist and especially Grave, as Paganizer´s main influences for their own sound, are all to be tracked down instantly out of NO DIVINE RAPTURE. As far as I have understood, the band obviously even doesn´t want to surprise a listener a slightest, but rather wanna stick with all those, let´s just say, ´safe´ elements that basically are familiar to most of the fans of the 90´s Swedish Death Metal sound already. So expect lotsa shredding down-tuned parts, downright heavy rhythms, guttural growling vocal parts, i.e. brutality and extremity to maximum, kind of. Songs like “No Divine Rapture”, “Brutally Torn Sanity” and “Way of the Rotting” all speak for the guys´ non-stop hunger to adopt something from the ´elder Godz of Death´ into their own sound and that´s really ok with me. In all honesty, there´s actually nothing new to report from their side as far as this new material of the band on NO DIVINE RAPTURE is concerned. So if you have ever heard any stuff from them before, then I´m sure there´s a good chance that you are absolutely gonna like NO DIVINE RAPTURE as well. I surely did and I think it´s just great that there´s a few bands out there that are churning out this type of shit even nowadays (Bloodbath, Murder Squad, Chaosbreed and a couple of others…). This type of so utterly old school Death Metal has always had its own place in the hearts of Death Metal maniacs – and I guess I´m not the only one who has traveled this long way to confess it.

Oh, as a tiny, off-line note, the cover art of the album is nothing, but horrible. Wonder what the hell Turkka Rantanen (also known for his artworks for such bands as Demilich, Demigod, Adramelech, etc.) has been up to when he came up with this piece of s**t…?!). It´s just… really horrendous (“sorry Turkka” – Luxi)!!
Track Listing

01. No Divine Rapture
02. On Your Knees
03. Nailed Forever
04. Brutally Torn Sanity
05. Devour Digest Defecate
06. Abscess in Black
07. The Plague That Hunts
08. Way of the Rotting
09. Ingen Utväg


Rogga – Vocals & guitar
Patrik – Bass
Fiebig - Drums

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