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Music To Kill By
March 2009
Released: 2008, M-Theory Audio
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Mr. Rock

MUSIC TO KILL BY is a compilation package (1 CD / 1 DVD) from the 80’s thrash band Papsmear. If anything, this may be a case of being just too much. Not too much in price, but just too much music. Consisting of 25 songs, MUSIC TO KILL BY is a loving collection of a band that never made it into the big time, however the problem here is that each song is played multiple times.

The disc starts off with 5 songs from the Fear and Loathing demo, followed by 3 tunes from the Lunch With The PMRC demo. These are the only studio versions of the songs. What follows is 9 live songs from ’86, and then 8 live ones from ’88. On the disc, the intro “Requiem” is done twice, “Reign of Terror” appears twice, “Die Killing” twice, “Paptest” 3 times, “Strangler” 3 times, “Vivisection” 3 times, “Daddy’s Little Princess” twice, “Incorrigibly Wicked” twice, “Thrashicide” twice… you get the picture.

As well, the accompanying DVD shows the band in several live outings, repeating these same songs. For me, with this type of music, it’s just far too much. I prefer my thrash to fast and short (check out Municipal Waste’s THE ART OF PARTYING for a perfect example).

The performances here, and the production involved, is far from perfect. It’s kinda like the way punk isn’t perfect. They are going for attitude, and that does come across.

If you are a fan of thrash music, and want a lot for your money, then I recommend this disc. There’s a lot of music going on (80 minutes worth…). For most however, you may find that that is a long time to put in. In smaller doses, Papsmear does their thing.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I appreciate what M-Theory Audio is doing with releasing MUSIC TO KILL BY. It’s just that I really think it’s overdone. Maybe it could have be called MUSIC TO (OVER) KILL BY.
Track Listing

1. “Requiem” – 0:59
2. “Reign of Terror” – 4:01
3. “Die Killing” – 4:10
4. “Paptest” – 3:05
5. “Strangler” – 3:50
6. “Vivisection” – 3:11
7. “Daddy’s Little Princess” – 1:43
8. “Incorrigibly Wicked” – 3:27
9. “Paptest” (live) – 3:30
10. “Strangler” (live) – 4:27
11. “Death Row” (live) – 3:32
12. “Die Killing” (live) – 5:32
13. “Thrashicide" (live) – 2:44
14. “drum solo” (live) – 0:34
15. “Vivisection” (live) – 3:17
16. “Requiem” (live) – 0:55
17. “Reign of Terror” (live) – 4:17
18. “Positive Farce” (live) – 2:46
19. “Vivisection” (live) – 3:38
20. “Death Row” (live) – 3:41
21. “Paptest” (live) – 2:43
22. “Strangler” (live) – 4:17
23. “Thrashicide” (live) – 2:36
24. “Incorrigibly Wicked” (live) – 4:20
25. “Daddy’s Little Princess” (live) – 2:11


Tony Costanza – vocals
Eric Thompson – guitar
Steve Bray – bass



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