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May 2003
Released: 2003, Xtreem Music
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The old-school Swedish brutally uncompromising Death Metal is raising its ugly head after being buried somewhere for some years… As far as credits for ´reinventing´ this marvelous old-school Swedish Death Metal sound once again are concerned, I think we all should bow in the direction of bands like Murder Squad, Bloodbath, and even Finland´s Chaosbreed for putting the ´old, hate-filled, but never totally forgotten ancient Swedish blood´ flowing once again and very much determinedly for things ´a bit heavier´ than what the over-used Gothenburg´ish both scene and sound have been capable of offering us nowadays. Paganizer´s fourth studio album titled MURDER. KILL. DEATH is reminiscent of the 1st wave of Swedish Death Metal that produced the most brutal and heaviest bands ever to the world of Death Metal. It´s the sound of the elder Swedish Death Metal Gods Nihilist, Carnage, Dismember, Grave, God Macabre and the likes. That sound actually was never forgotten – and as the past times have this relatively strange tendency to come back within some cycles of time, it seems like some of this particular ´utterly heavy, sinister and brutal´ period has already made its first clear efforts to take on the world a little bit once again.

MURDER. DEATH. KILL. throws us all shamelessly a few years back in time; right back to the end of the ´80s/beginning of the ´90s - and particularly back to the Stockholm area, Sweden where many (at that time, still very young metalheads) started to form their own extreme metal bands with a true passion, only trying to maintain the heaviest and most brutal sound that was still yet to be discovered, but was still coming through piece by piece. Pagaziner´s newest album pays homage to that period and it does it really well and in a convincing way. By listening to such hammering songs as “Meateater”, “Mourning Life”, “Shallow Burial” or just any other songs off this absolutely ´ripping-flesh-and-cutting-bones´ album, kind of makes you miss those past times. And since I almost am a ´soulless´ bastard right after spending some quality moments with this album, I assume you could already guess where I have been coming from as far as my past musical likings are concerned.

Murder… Death... and kill. Those three words pretty well sums up the whole content for Paganizer´s new album. Here´s the album that is made of 100% pure old-school Swedish Death Metal. And believe me, this stuff punishes… and damn it hurts and feels so sweet!!
Track Listing

01. Meateater
02. Mourning Life
03. Bleed Unto Me
04. Shallow Burial
05. Dead Souls
06. Crawl to the Cross
07. Obsessed by Flesh
08. Du Vaknar Som Dod
09. Formaldehyde Dreams


Rogga – Lead Guitars & Vocals
Dea – Lead Guitars
Oskar – Bass
Fiebig - Drums

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