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The Fatal Command
November 2017
Released: 2017, Nuclear Blast
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: John Haseltine

Right out of the gates, Panzer’s sophomore outing THE FATAL COMMAND grabs you by the balls and does not let go. If ever there could be a super group side project, Panzer is the one! Well, okay, there are others, but this is one that you are going to get hooked on with one listen and will not want to go away.

The band consists of Stefan Schwarzmann – Drums (Accept), Schmier - Vocals, Bass (Destruction), V.O. Pulver – Guitars (Poltergeist), and Pontus Norgren - Guitars (Hammerfall). One may think this is an unlikely union of players from vastly different genres. They sort of are. But metal is metal right? It is something I was thinking a couple years back when I read somewhere about the band prior to hearing any music. I however am a fan of all aforementioned bands so was as most curious. I had only heard a track from their debut album SEND THEM ALL TO HELL which featured Herman Frank on guitars (Accept). Be it timing or forgetfulness, I never actually obtained a copy of the debut. It is one that I will be ordering along with this one. This is a “gotta” own it type of band, especially in regards to THE FATAL COMMAND. An album that I cannot say has one dull track on it.

If you take all the greatness that these four legends of metal have to offer and mix it all up, Panzer is what you get. They are not trying to reinvent the wheel here. What they are doing however is taking all the elements of each of their styles and melding them together into a NWOBHM / thrash metal opus. THE FATAL COMMAND is a piece of work that by far, is probably on the top of my favorites so far this year.

I was going to put a couple standout tracks in here, but the whole album is a standout. But if you need proof, check out the album opener “Satan’s Hollow”, ”Afflicted”, or “I’ll Bring You The Night” and you will hear what I mean as the rest of the tracks are as equally as great as the next. Insanely good! With this being the second release by the band, it could be fair to say that they may stay around for a while. One can only hope.
Track Listing

Stefan Schwarzmann - Drums
Schmier - Vocals, Bass
V.O. Pulver - Guitar
Pontus Norgren - Guitar


1. Satan's Hollow
2. Fatal Command
3. We Can Not Be Silenced
4. I'll Bring You the Night
5. Scorn and Hate
6. Afflicted
7. Skullbreaker
8. Bleeding Allies
9. The Decline (...And the Downfall)
10. Mistaken
11. Promised Land
12. Wheels of Steel



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