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May 2000
Released: 1999, Destroyer Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Panzer come from Brazil where it seems their CD Inside has been generating some very positive reviews. This band takes a lot of Sepultura and a small bit of Sabbath combining it into their own blend of death-thrash metal.

Although the band refer to themselves as thrash metal I don't hear many influences from the Bay-area thrash metal that I love - and that would be Testament, Death Angel, Forbidden etc... I am not shitting on this band because they are obviously on the right path and will probably be much better in the future. However, for now this is very rough and raw sounding. The vocals need some improvement as they can be way too annoying in places with senseless mindless screaming. I'm not saying they should start singing la la la and all melodic but this doesn't sound completely focused and can be abrasive and annoying. The death metal vocals on here sound like a cross between Max (ex-Sepultura) and Chuck Billy - only not quite as refined. The opening track ""Limitations" was pretty cool as was the second track "Rejected" until the vocals got a little too screamy. The song "Breaking" was kinda different with a somewhat melodic chorus. "Ethnic Ghetto" was interesting as well with it's Max like growling vocals mixed with clean vocals. The band also provide two covers on this CD - one being the surprise cover of the Kiss classic "Detroit Rock City" the other being Judas Priest's "Night Crawler." Neither is played note for note like the original but the best one is their version of "Night Crawler." They do manage to put their own spin on these tunes, but what's the point. If I want to hear "Night Crawler" I'll listen to Priest and if I want to hear Kiss...I'll shoot myself! (well some Kiss is ok so don't freak out...)

This band is one to watch and hopefully they will have better production and vocals on the next CD. They also have a few too many Sepultura influences (at least on some tracks). Hopefully these won't be as pronounced on the next recording. If you want to get more info on this band drop by their official page at
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