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Pagan Hellfire
A Voice From Centuries Away
February 2001
Released: 2000, Independent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Total fucking necro! It’s no secret that I’ve never been a fan of the old school black metal crowd; bands like Darkthrone and their ilk. I don’t know, maybe I was just too stupid to realize their greatness back then ‘cause Pagan Hellfire is definitely a new addition to that group, and I love it! A VOICE...has all the markings of the evilest of black metals, including the weak production job. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, Incarnatus (the one man-band behind Pagan Hellfire) manages to create an eerie world that is completely enveloping. Songs like “The Collapsing Pillars of Humanity” will have you totally and utterly in their grasp, pulling you into their darkened forests and foul worlds.

So you can expect the usual from Pagan Hellfire: the epic songs, the buzzsaw guitars, the quite interludes, and the troll vocals. Even amidst the din of the blastbeats, Incarnatus does squeeze in some tasty melodic bits, but the music is thankfully FAR away from the Dimmu Borgir school of black metal. “Fight in the Hours of Dusk” is particularly catchy, although the album does tend to drag a little bit towards the end. In fact, a little more adventurous songwriting would help. Don’t get me wrong though, this CD still rocks! The major problem I can see though is that Pagan Hellfire doesn’t really make any attempt to show originality. These are song structures that the black metal forefathers have already used. On the other hand the black metal genre is almost as incestuous as power metal, so that isn’t really a problem. Oh yeah, and get this, Pagan Hellfire is from the black metal mecca of...Nova Scotia! This isn’t an earth-shattering release, but it will fit perfectly into any black metal collection.


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