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Unbearable Conditions
January 2015
Released: 2014, Xtreem Music
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

It is always interesting when you hear a band proclaim that they are “rekindling an old school sound” with their music. It’s usually hit or miss when you listen to it, but I am glad to say that with Panikk, it is indeed a hit.

Coming out of Slovenia, these guys play a style of Thrash that does harken back to the sounds of bands such as Metallica, Testament and Forbidden. We even get that right off the get go with Panic Attack. No soft intro, no build up, just straight in your face Thrash metal. That means straight up riffs, raw energy and a primal sound that reminds those who listen to Thrash why they do so.

Speaking of which, when listening to this, the songs come off as catchy and memorable. Every member knows how to play and it clearly shows. They took the time to craft what they have and what they have is a solid album. It comes off as catchy and worthy of repeat listens. Even the vocals, while nothing outstanding, gave that feel of urgency much like older Thrash bands had in the late 80’s to early 90’s.

The biggest problem I can see is that a lot of the music can start to sound similar, but there are a few songs that break up that feeling. Away From Reality is the first to do so, with it being an instrumental track. The other being Revelation of Truth, solely for it sounding different and the fact that it’s more of an intro song for the next track. I am surprised it did not end up being the first track on the album, but I’m not complaining as it works being placed where it is on the album.

The biggest positive I have coming out of this is that although Panikk does remind listeners of older Thrash material, thankfully it did not do so in production (save the final track Dismay, but I am sure it’s a demo track for how it sounds).

It's fine that material from the 1980’s sounded like it did, but to have material recorded today sound like that can come off as unpolished and unneeded. Although this is their only full length album, I would like to see more material from this band. It’s a solid effort that has made me want to listen to some older Thrash again. So to say that they label of “bringing back the older sound of Thrash” was true or not, this is 100% true for Panikk.
Track Listing

Panic Attack
Messiah of Decay
Away From Reality (Instrumental)
The Wave of Death
Playground of Visions
Revelation of Truth (Acoustics)
Cruel World (Society to Adapt)
Unbearable Conditions
Dismay (Bonus)


Gašper Flere – Guitars/Vocals
Rok Vrčkovnik – Bass
Nejc Nardin – Guitars
Črt Valentić – Drums

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