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December 2004
Released: 2002, Self-released
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The Swedes strike again. It never ceases to amaze me how excellent the Swedish metal scene has become over the years. From Yngwie Malmsteen to Heavy Load to Candlemass to Overlord to Bathory and beyond. Carrying on the early 80s Swedish tradition for creating killer metal is these talented Swedish thrashers known as Pandemonic.

Pandemonic has been around since 1998. They did one demo (LYCANTHROPHY in 1999) and one album (THE AUTHORS OF NIGHTFEAR in 2000) in that old school thrash metal style in its purest form. They incorporate bits of Sadus, Kreator, Invocator, Exodus, Testament and Slayer and have this somewhat effortless tendency to crawl into your mind so as to make comparisons to those bands. Pandemonic’s aggressive and fast-paced thrash metal sounds amazingly well made, tight (obviously much tighter than your lovely grandmom’s worn-out jeans, ha!) and damn appealing to my ears. I gotta believe there will be a few takers for this type of stuff. Guitars, drums and vocals have been done carefully and even the production sounds quite decent for a demo CD.

RAVENOUS is a more straight-forward effort in the vein of Sadus, Kreator and Slayer, whereas their latest 4-song demo reminds me mostly of Exodus with bits of Slayer here and there riff-wise. All four songs on this effort sound damn great, ready to win a bunch of thrash metal maniacs to their side for good. Such a strong sounding release.

THE ART OF HUNTING is a couple of steps forward, overall a more mature effort from the guys as far as the song structures are concerned. The riffing is a tad more advanced and technical, Micke Ullenius’ vocal performance have developed quite remarkably since the days of the RAVENOUS demo and I find TAOH to be a more pleasing effort.

As for some musical comparisons (I’m sure you want to get some reference points anyway, don’t you?), Iìm pretty sure I won’t be receiving any screamingly hateful and angry e-mails from the band if I brought up two thrash names such as Exodus and Testament. The whole demo simply screams out for some well-chosen quality words that I’d like to use for this particular demo, but I don’t wanna spoil the whole excitement you might have toward the band right now. However, it can rightfully be said that with this strong capacity to write some deadly and amazingly catchy thrash metal tunes, we have quite a winning team here, waiting to be unleashed for the masses.
Track Listing

Track Listing for RAVENOUS

01. Cursed
02. Atrocities
03. The Scent of Fear
04. The Tower Bell
05. Windwalker

Track Listing for THE ART OF HUNTING

01. Ravenous
02. The Lycanthrope Within
03. 1764 (the Beast of Gevaudan)
04. The Art of Hunting


Micke Ullenius – Vocals
Micke Jakobsson – Guitar
Marcus Jonsson – Drums

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