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Infernal Rock N’ Roll
August 2011
Released: 2011, Israhellbanger Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Some people really dislike black metal with a passion, saying it is metal for people who can’t play their instruments, write a decent tune and can’t sing to save their lives; Promiscuity on the other hand isn’t your average black metal band.

They combine all aspects and elements from Thrash, Speed and Hard rock, as well as Black metal to form a ferocious mutant of a sub genre, that not only appeals to black metal fans, but those who are into the likes of Sodom, Motorhead, Megadeth. Not only ranging above and beyond your average black metal, Promiscuity can play their instruments, and by God do I mean play, some of those riffs on this Tape are killer and it only gets better and better the further you progress through the album. So, if you ever want a light intro to the black metal genre, but also to hear some really talented musicianship. Then Infernal Rock N’ Roll is the tape for you.

Infernal Rock N’ Roll starts off by placing the listener in a bewildered state as some weird swing track kicks in making you think “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS”. Then suddenly from out of nowhere a charging riff comes in from the track ‘Infernal Rock N’ Roll’, that although at first may sound simple, develops into a head banging frenzy of a song which complements the harsh vocals and fiery rhythm section that spews forth from the speakers, leaving the listener begging for more of this loud, powerful metalfest.

Next up we have the track ‘Crime and Punishment’ that delivers a groove so awesome that the mighty Lemmy himself would wish he had written himself. Followed by the same sequence on guitar we see the old school thrash style kicking in sounding like Kreator and Slayer musically, but going for a more rougher/growly approach to the vocals. This works very well indeed, and as the track furthers we hit a beautiful guitar solo. Yes, you heard me right, guitar solo and from a black metal band to!

Finally to end the tape of all tapes, the mother of all heaviness, the very brutal track ‘Gybenhinnom’ (Do not ask me what that means) which goes full out aggression, giving the listener just under 12 minutes of pure heavy metal mania. This track is excellent to go out on, as it has a bit of everything in it. We don’t just see thrash or hard rock, we see sections where the influences creep in and when they pounce out at you, holy shit don’t you know it!

There has never been a finer example of a metal band than Promiscuity, and with time, they will only get better and hopefully release a full album with just as much violence and power than on their killer demo tape Infernal Rock N’ Roll.

Review by Matt Seddon
Track Listing

1.Infernal Rock N’ Roll
2. Crime and Punishment
3. Gybenhinnom


Butcher – Vocals and Guitars
Werewolf - Bass and Vocals
Dekapitator – Drums

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