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Pride Of Lions
The Roaring Of Dreams
March 2007
Released: 2007, Frontiers Records/Zink Music
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Jim Peterik and Toby Hitchcock work really fast; this album is out only 6 motnhs after their live album and DVD. They are the epitome of light melodic hard rock, but they have moved a step away from their ordinary formula containing numerous ballads squeezed into a single album. The tempo has increased and the album has a steadier flow than before. The guitars have taken a more prominent place, which is a really positive thing, but still they have kept the Pride of Lions concept intact with a lot of keyboards, ballads (but not as many), and lyrics about love. Jim says that he knew this was a make-or-break album for Pride of Lions, and in my opinion it’s a make album.

THE ROARING OF DREAMS includes 12 tracks and the music has a lot in common with early Journey, Foreigner, and Survivor, but with an updated sound. I think that Peterik has done a great job with the songs; the material is solid and no important elements have been left behind. Most of the songs are really catchy with brilliant hooks and choruses that stick to your brain immediately. The material is more varied and the guitar-based songs really benefit the album a great deal.

The songs that impress me the most are the rockier, faster, and heavier “Heaven on Earth”, “Book of Life”, and “Language of the Heart”, but also the more melodic songs like “Let Me Let You Go”, “Defying Gravity”, “Secrets Of The Way”, and “Tall Ships”. In between these golden moments, one totally out-of-place track has been added; the duet “Turnaround” between Hitchcock and his sister Tori Hitchcock sounds like it was taken straight out of a romantic movie. Hitchcock sings with a lot more self-confidence than before, making him the biggest surprise on the album. Just as before, Peterik produced the album, this time with Larry Millas. The focus is put on lead vocals and guitars, which work excellently together. The production is edgy and solid to say the least, and the producers have simply done a great job with it.

Even though Pride of Lions has moved towards a rockier approach, it’s still too melodic for me. I don’t, however, think that fans of either Pride of Lions or Survivor are going to be disappointed. This is better than the last studio album, but it takes a lot more guitar and edgier songs to fully impress me.
Track Listing

Heaven On Earth
Book Of Life
Love’s Eternal Flame
Language Of The Heart
Let Me Let You Go
Faithful Heart
Defying Gravity
The Roaring Of Dreams
Secrets Of The Way
Astonish You
Tall Ships


Toby Hitchcock – lead vocals
Jim Peterik – lead vocals, guitars, keyboards
Ed Breckenfield – drums
Klem Heyes – bass
Mike Aquino – guitar
Christian Cullen – keyboards
Thom Griffin – b-vox

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