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Oracolo Suicida
March 2014
Released: 2014, Raging Bloodlust Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Regarded as an “international” band, Profezia has a presence in Italy, Denmark and Norway, gained through around 14 years graft on the underground scene, with things having all started for the band with the self-release of their first demo, My Glorious Journey in 2001, but more importantly, with the release of their first album, Black Misanthropic Elite-Moon Anthem in 2008. Their third album, yet first on label Raging Bloodlust Records, has the potential to bring them into a greater focus which they deserve, but with only 6 tracks to impress, let’s see what’s in store here.

Things don’t start off too positively with title track “Oracolo Suicida.” The guitars sound crisp yet weak, and the mundane drumming contrasts very poorly with the oddly arranged violin parts. It sounds like a bedroom black metaller picked up a violin and decided to get experimental. “Sacra Tempesta” feels stagnant and repetitive, without enough musical flourishes or artistic flair to make it a journey of a listen. Instead, the arpeggiated chords and annoying raspy monotone vocals over the top make the track lose its flow, and all the time it feels as if things are staggering.

So why on Earth has this album been awarded a 3.5/5 score? Well, my interest and excitement is finally roused with the rhythm and energy of “Senza Il Giorno.” Finally the violin seems to be working in harmony with the other instruments, and the riffs are no longer sub-par or unimpressive. The track is no masterpiece, but certainly saves the album from falling flat on its face before even half of it is over. “Futuro Rivelato” offers more memorable six string ostinatos, and whilst the cheap sounding bass drum clicks are mildly irritating, at least drummer Chimsicrin displays a bit more skill on this track.

By the tail end of the album, the best verdict I can give is “a mixed bag.” Some moments feels intimate and atmospheric, even edging on beauty at times, and the despair felt on closing track “Nato Morto” is discordant and miserably frantic. However, at times this just feels like another bedroom black metal release which is sure to get washed away in a sea of superior albums.

Review by Jarod Lawley
Track Listing

1. Oracolo Suicida
2. Sacra Tempesta
3. Senza Il Giorno
4. Futuro Rivelato
5. Il Gioco Del Parassita
6. Nato Morto


Kvasir -Guitars, Bass

Chimsicrin -Drums

M. -Vocals
Ecnerual -Violins



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