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June 2009
Released: 2009, Rock Ridge Music
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

I’d seen a lot of adds for Psychostick’s new album, SANDWICH, so I figured I’d take the plunge and see what the fuss was about. Branded as “humorcore,” my expectations were admittedly low. Yeah, I’d bought a couple of Scatterbrain records back in the day, but the goof rock thing gets awfully gimmicky awfully quick. So imagine my surprise as I found myself laughing out loud, track after ridiculous track, eager to hear what nonsense was to follow.

Psychostick is a five-piece based out of Arizona that’s been trudging around for a few years now with a couple of indie releases under their belts already. Musically, the band is a hybrid of hardcore, thrash, and traditional metal, with the conceptual focus on making their audiences (and themselves) laugh. The music isn’t groundbreaking and takes a back seat to the jokes, but as a complete package, SANDWICH is actually a good album that is genuinely funny. SANDWICH has a food-centric theme; songs about food, songs about being broke and fantasizing about food, songs about roommates eating your food, you get the idea. There’re some non-food topics, such as “A Lesson in Modesty” and “P is the Best Letter,” each song being an espousal of how awesome the band and the individual members are, but the best songs on the album have some relation to your grocery store list.

“This is Not a Song, It’s a Sandwich” attempts to define all of the ways that the song is indeed not a song at all, nor is it a beer, a stoner, or an Olsen twin, and manages to do so surprisingly convincingly. “#1 Radio $ingle” accurately sums up the music industry formula for a pop-chart hit, stalling for the next chorus and strategically inserting oohs and ahhs. “Passive Vengeance” hilariously details less than obvious tactics of revenge, while “Girl Directions” addresses the direction giving techniques of the fairer sex. But the most bizarre song on SANDWICH is the 14-minute “373 Thank Yous,” in which the band thanks the 373 people by name who helped finance the creation of the album, all set to some pseudo thrash riffs. Beats a mention in the liner notes, right?

Is Psychostick going to win any awards or make any top ten lists with SANDWICH? Errr, probably not, but it’s a fun listen all the same. If you can get past the slow ramp up past the first few songs, SANDWICH is an enjoyable disc from a band that doesn’t take anything too seriously. It’s a nice change of pace in a scene where the angriest bands usually get the most attention.
Track Listing

1) Metal
2) Caffeine
3) Shower
4) A Lesson in Modesty
5) P is the Best Letter
6) Minimum Rage
7) Don’t Eat My Food
8) The Hunger Within
9) Grocery Escape Plan
10) Too Many Food
11) This is Not a Song, It’s a Sandwich
12) Girl Directions
13) Orange
14) Beer Part 2
15) Do You Want a Taco
16) Attempt At Something Serious
17) #1 Radio $ingle
18) Vah Jay Jay
19) Die A Lot
20) You’ve Got Mail Enhancement
21) Passive Vengeance
22) 373 Thank Yous
23) Outtakes
24) We Ran Out of CD Space


Rob Kersey – Vocals
Joshua Key – Guitar, Vocals
Alex Preiss – Drums
Jimmy Grant – Bass, Vocals
Jake McReynolds – Guitar

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August 2009
Released: 2009, Rock Ridge Music
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Robert Williams

24 tracks make up SANDWICH the latest release from Tempe, Arizona's five piece Psycostick. One look at the album cover which is a sandwich with the band's logo emblazoned in Ketchup is enough to tell you that Pyscostick is a little bit on the goofier side of the spectrum. Not to mention the band photos in the booklet. In bold text on the spine of the cd reads "MMM! Delicious Metal!" Unfortunately, nothing about this disc screams metal and I would say that the same review Spinal Tap received for "Shark Sandwich" would aptly sum up this release as well.

What you do get with Psychostick's SANDWICH album are songs about caffeine. Songs about how the letter "P" is the best letter in the alphabet because that is what Psychostick's name starts with. Songs about your friends eating all of your food and songs about taking a shower, songs asking you "Do You Want A Taco?"

The sa(i)d subject matter at hand is executed sufficiently enough set against a heavy modern rock sound that is not unlike System of A Down. In fact on tracks like "Caffeine" and "P is the Best Letter" the vocal phrasing is reminiscent of a union between Serj Tankian and Weird Al and that is not a good thing. Don't understand me wrong; Psychostick can play their respective instruments, they just choose to make the most belligerently annoying songs that I just can't stomache.

If hokey gimmick metal is your thing, you are hereby warned that nothing Psycostick dispays on SANDWICH is on par with the material of GWAR, Lordi, Steel Panther or even the aforementioned Spinal Tap. Do not expect any fall out of your chair funny stuff or catchy hooks.
Track Listing

1. Metal?
2. Caffeine
3. Shower
4. A Lesson In Modesty
5. P is the Best Letter
6. Minimum Rage
7. Don't Eat My Food
8. The Hunger Within
9. Grocery Escape Plan
10. Too Many Food
11. This is Not a Song, It's a Sandwich!
12. Girl Directions
13. Orange
14. Beer, Part 2
15. Do You Want a Taco?
16. Attempt At Something Serious
17. #1 Radio $ingle
18. Vah-jay-jay
19. Die...a LOT!
20. You've got Mail Enhancement
21. Passive Vengeance
22. 373 Thank Yous
23. OUTTAKES!!!1
24. We Ran Out of CD Space


Rob Kersey - Lead Vocals
Joshua Key - Guitars, Vocals
Jake McReynolds - Guitars, Vocals
Jimmy Grant - Bass Vocals
Alex Preiss - Drums

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