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Primitive Man/Hexis
Split 10
June 2014
Released: 2014, Halo Of Flies
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Limited to 666 pressings and featuring two fantastic new doom bands, this split ten inch is almost destined to become a collector's item. Halo Of Flies, a record label based out of Milwaukee (say, isn't Milwaukee an Indian name? Yes Pete it is) have brought together Primitive Man and Hexis, two acts separated by an ocean but who could be kindred spirits, such is their commitment to all things heavy.

And things get heavy, monstrously so. There are moments here so unspeakably loud that they could blast the cobwebs from the tombs that Indiana Jones keeps finding himself stuck in and it serves as fine appetiser for their full length albums.

Denver's Primitive Man are up first with 'When Getting High Is Not Enough' which rides in on some dense, crushing riffs and a strangulated cry of "swing low" that makes it sound akin to a Rugby stadium full of stoned Uruk Hai who are just about managing to chant properly. This is slow, languorous metal of the classic variety and packs an absolutely astonishing bit of guitar work in at the 2:40 mark that'll give doom fans eargasms.

From the other side of the pond meanwhile, Denmark's Hexis are no less heavy but they've also got a bit more gas in the tank. The opening to 'Excrucio' is a savage slice of high speed black metal and frontman Filip possesses a truly demonic Attila Csihar style rasp, but they're also fans of slowing down. Some parts of this track are so dense they should have their own gravitational field and the whole thing is designed to shatter speakers and ear drums worldwide.

Of the two, Primitive Man are perhaps the superior band but only by the slimmest of margins and this is genuinely excellent stuff. Like listening to metal while sat in rooms filled with pot smoke and drinking the darkest real ale? You need both these bands in your life.

Review by Tim Bolitho-Jones
Track Listing

1. Primitive Man - When Getting High Is Not Enough
2. Hexis - Excrucio


Primitive Man:

E McCarthy
Spy Santos
Jonathan Campos


Filip - Vocals
Tobias - Guitars
Rasmus - Guitars
Kenn - Bass
Simon - Drums

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