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Legions of Violence
February 2009
Released: 2008, Morbid Tales Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Prophecy, hailing from the Bay Area, California, have made themselves known for their very ´bay-area-ish´ thrash since 1985 already, but under a different moniker, Bíblia Negra.

Oops... Sorry. Now wait a second...This Prophecy comes actually from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but in all honesty without knowing where they are originally from, and only from hearing their music for the very first time, one would certainly place this band as being from the Bay Area due to having this ´bay-area-ish´ vibe so strongly involved with their sound.

Anyway, these Brazilian thrashers Prophecy have finally got their debut full-length album out on a domestic label Morbid Tales Records, having only recorded two demos (DUSTY INHERITANCE in 1991 and TECHNICS OF VIOLENCE in 2001) prior to this – obviously very eagerly awaited debut album of theirs, named LEGIONS OF VIOLENCE.

L.o.V. introduces us to a band that has clearly taken its main influences from such Bay Area´s thrash greats as Exodus, Testament and Forbidden – even if they don´t exclude many other thrash names out from their ´influential-Bay-Area-thrash-bands´ catalogue either, according to the biography respectively (Vio-lence, Defiance, Metallica and such).

The music on Prophecy´s debut album comes off as very Testament-ish and Exodus-ish, which indeed feels a bit odd, knowing we are dealing with a band here whose origin is quite a few miles away from the aforementioned Bay Area. The piercing riffs, magnificently churned out, intriguing solos, backing shouts and everything, have been done in a very Bay Area style - down to the last detail. It´s actually pretty amazing how Prophecy have succeeded to fool many of us for having this whole Bay Area concept so tightly pressed into their sound. Simply listen to a song called “Evilution”, and you´ll notice right away that the riffs are plain Testament worship, while the vocal parts try to imitate Russ Anderson of Forbidden. And there´s nothing bad about it as long as you can tolerate bands being ´ripped off´ strongly musically. In fact, I have this certain respect toward Prophecy´s direction for doing their ´rip-off´ thing so clearly, without even hiding any of their traces on their way to that ´cheap´ goal.

LEGIONS OF VIOLENCE is – apart from being total Bay Area worship, a worth purchasing record. In fact, Prophecy capture the essentials of the ´80s Bay Area sound way better than many other bands coming from that particular area in question these days. And all we needed, was a bunch of musically hungry and determined Brazilian guys to do it better, ha! ;o)
Track Listing

01. Overture
02. When Insanity Calls
03. Lying Prophets
04. Agony Within
05. Empty Life
06. Risen from Hell
07. Paradigmatic Reality
08. Evilution
09. Nameless
10. The Game (Is Violence)
11. Legacy of Ashes


Rogério Avlis - Vocals and guitar
Daemon Ross - Guitar
Amaury Garcia - Bass
Gabriel Fantezza - Drums

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