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Fisting You All
July 2008
Released: 2008, Xtreem Music
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

WOAH....!! ´Extreme music for extreme people...´ as one famous slogan for one extreme metal label once went...

Psychobolia hails from France, and is fronted by a cute-looking chick named Caroline who bellows her guts out in this band. Can you believe it? Well, I guess you can because it´s not surprising nowadays that there are a bunch of death metal growlers in today´s metal scene that are women and enjoy doing this, and are pretty darn good and convincing at it, too.

FISTING YOU ALL (what a lovely album title!) is these French death metal mongers debut album, which contains some of the most deranged and hysteric death metal that has crossed my path for a very long time. The band members apparently enjoy getting their frustrations and steam out through their mercilessly ear-mangling, extremely fast-paced death metal, which I personally don´t have much to complain about. However, somehow secretly - deep in my mind, I´m glad their furious, ´face-lifting´ lasts only just a bit over a half hour as listening through all 12 tracks on this record, makes me want to change the record to some gospel music afterwards. Namely Psychobolia´s brutal and ripping death metal reaches the point of extremity in which my ears couldn´t possibly bear all that intense beating and adrenaline-bursts any more after reaching a critical 30-minute mark. The ears can stand bleeding for quite some time, but not forever if you know what I´m trying to say here.

There´s really not much else what could be said about this record. If you are a fan of such extreme metal acts as, let´s say, anything from Angel Corpse to Fallen Christ to Krisiun, I can clearly understand if you fall in love with Psychobolia´s stuff as well. Good ´n´ friendly extreme metal fun, FISTING YOU ALL is truly full of it, so by all means go and enjoy it if you are a sucker for this type of stuff.
Track Listing

01. (intro)
02. Androgynous
03. Psychobolia
04. Slaughter
05. Subcutaneous
06. Rotting
07. Breeding Death
08. Fisting You All
09. The Essence
10. Dedicated to Hate
11. Morbid Dreads
12. Severe Headfuck
13. The Zen (bonus track)


Karoline Konrad - Vocals
John Carriburu - Guitars
François - Bass
Gogo - Drums

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