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Private Angel
June 2011
Released: 2011, Point Music
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Erich

I am still trying to figure out how I missed this band. I think probably because there is almost no promotion and very little info on the Internet. Nuremberg, Germany’s Private Angel has actually been releasing albums since 1999 and playing music together for 25 years. A quick glance at the CD booklet’s photos reveals that these are not young upstarts playing retro-metal. These gentlemen come from the era of retro-metal. NAILED is the four member band’s third full length album, and if you are familiar with their style, NAILED continues in the spirit of melodic hard rock/metal, managing to sound classic and modern at the same time.

NAILED is an album that bears many influences. “Human Wreckage” opens the album and hearkens back to Accept, especially with the shouted group chorus and Robbo Stoeltzel’s smoke ravaged and Udo-flecked vocals. The same goes for the title track, Accept influence again being the primary inspiration. The album though, is quite varied as the opening riff of “Valiant Song” resembles Poison’s “Nothing But A Good Time” but Robbo’s vocals lend it a Thin Lizzy quality, especially with the keyboards. In keeping with the 70’s and 80’s influence, “My Haunt” serves as the requisite ballad, which contains an almost classic rock vibe and is well-executed.

Despite the obvious leanings towards retro-metal, NAILED also manages to sound modern and has the benefit of solid production values. The album is a cross between hard rock with traces of Accept and hair metal thrown in, riffs being decent and often quite heavy. Private Angel are not as good as their influences, but they do this style of music well and NAILED should appeal to fans of hard rock with a 70s and 80’s style.
Track Listing

1. Human Wreck

2. Nailed!

3. Tomorrow is Today´s Yesterday

4. Last Chance

5. Kush

6. Shine on

7. Tramp Stamp Boogie

8. My Haunt

9. Valiant Song

10. Private Shelter

11. Upside Right

12. With a little Help from my Friends


Peter Tobolla - Bass
Jochen Schmidt - Drums
Robbo Stoltzel - Vocals
Dazz Sheppherd- Guitar

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