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Welcome to the Institution
February 2012
Released: 2011, Casket Music
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Promethium are a new metal project made up from members of Skin Crawl, Bodies, Desolate and Natual Thing, who in 2009 released debut EP ‘Tribute to the Fallen’. They have recently established themselves in their local area of England’s’ Lancaster/Morecambe Music Scene, but have not gained much recognition anywhere else.

Although they are attempting to push the boundaries of metal music, and create a distinctive sound I didn’t really find this album exciting or original. Although saying that, it is clear that there are some great vocals on this album showing that Rossi and Barry, both have great voices. With their classic hard rock and thrash elements in this album, I did find that it wasn’t really heavy enough for my liking, but I did like the guitars in most of the tracks and it’s clear all members do have talent, showing variation in their songs. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of their artwork either…if the band were taking the piss or they just really bad at photoshop, making the cover look pretty tacky and not really going with their sound either.

On a good note, I have to say I didn’t dislike this album, there are some catchy tunes in there but not an album I would recommend to metal lovers, but still worth a listen if you’re looking for something light, and easy to listen to with some good riffs and the odd backing vocal growls.

I'm sure these guys will get there in the future, just need to keep working on it guys!

Review by Jo Blackened
Track Listing

01 - Distant Illusion
02 – Visions
03 - Meaning of Trust
04 – Nothing
05 - Tribute to the Fallen
06 - 33.1
07 - Cycle of Vengeance
08 - Trapped
09 - The Curse
10 - Murder Inc


Dan - Guitar
Gary - Lungs
Rossi - Guitar - Vocals
Barry - Bass - Vocals
Allan – Drums

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