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Project Steiger
May 2004
Released: 2004, Steiger Productions
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

You may not have heard of Ken Steiger before but after listening to this CD I can tell you that this guy is easily a guitarist on par with the likes of Malmsteen, Rhoads, and Wylde etc. Some background: Steiger began playing guitar in 1980 and through self-teaching eventually was good enough to enroll at G.I.T. where he graduated with honors. He now teaches guitar at the Musicians Institute and contributes to Guitar Player magazine. DEFIANCE is his first album.

For the disc he managed to assemble a fantastic band of musicians including: keyboard wizard Derek Sherinian, Tony Franklin (Jimmy Page, Blue Murder) on bass, and Virgil Donati (Planet X, Steve Vai) on drums. Despite the great band, DEFIANCE is very much Steiger’s baby. He wrote all of the songs (except for Santana cover “Persuasion”) and dominates everything with his guitar. This is a good thing though, ‘cause the man can rip it up with the six-string. Rather than just mindless soloing however, he’s actually managed to write song really good songs here as well. Tracks like “Run 4 Cover” and “Prince of Souls” have some killer riffs that match up with any on albums by better known players.

There are a few songs on here that I could do without, mostly the longer ones such as “Neutron Flux”. “Edge of Forever” is a waste of 46 seconds as well. However, the rest of the album is perfectly acceptable heavy metal guitar. Steiger has crafted a very solid metal album here, and his love of the genre is obvious. Here’s hoping to hear more from him soon.
Track Listing

1)Prince of Souls
2)Rock It
3)Run 4 Cover
4)Vertical Integration (V.I.)
5)Child of the Storm
6)Neutron Flux
7)Edge of Forever
8)KT Boundary Event
11)Here Come the Heroes


Ken Steiger: Guitars
Derek Sherinian: Keyboards
Virgil Donati: Drums
Tony Franklin: Bass
Gary Hoey: Guitar on “Persuasion”

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