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Taste Death
January 2009
Released: 2008, Heaven & Hell Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Robert Williams

TASTE DEATH, the 2008 release from Raleigh, North Carolina's heavy metal outfit Praetorius begins abruptly with "Pirates Of The West" a mid tempo double bass heavy number before launching into the title track "Taste Death, Live Life" a stomping, anthemic song that takes influence from the verse riff of Megadeth's "Holy Wars...The Punishment Due" before giving way to Carpe Diem-esque lyrics about living life to the fullest.

Both "True Colors" and "Life, Love, Lost" appear at first listen to be ballad like in nature, opening with acoustic or clean toned guitars which eventually yield to distortion and drums come the chorus. Dynamics wise these two stand out as the rest of this disc is pretty much mid tempo throughout. Vocalist Elliot Madre demonstrates a nasally upper mid register traditional metal vocal register that complements the melodic guitar riffs of John Sayres and Sam Defilipp.

"Ten 'Til Two", an ode to beer drinking and hellraising deals with the band's insatiable need to consume as much suds as possible before the bar's cutoff time of 2 AM. Concerns about what time the liquor store closes and who will be designated driver are also addressed and taken into consideration.

"Shredders On The Roof" is perhaps the album's most aggressive track and is greeted with a searing high vocal wail. Chugging thrashy guitars and a very tight rhythm section playing off a mid tempo double bass drum attack make this another album highlight. "Shredders" also has some blazing fretboard action come solo time.

Production wise TASTE DEATH is a pretty cohesive mix. I think vocalist Elliot Madre might benefit with a little effect on his tracks, but that small gripe aside everything is appropriately thumpy and banging.

The album cover for TASTE DEATH showcases a really lame interpretation of a wild west gunslinger and is drawn simplistic and obnoxiously bland. My biggest beef with TASTE DEATH wouldn't be the music at all but the lame album cover. The music deserves a better cover than this.
Track Listing

1. Pirates Of The West
2. Taste Death, Live Life
3. March Of Praetorius
4. True Colors
5. Blind At Night
6. Blood Wolf
7. Ten 'Til Two
8. Sin On Sin
9. Life, Love, Lost
10. The Beast (That Refuses To Die)
11. Shredders On The Roof
12. Tightrope


Elliot Madre - vocals
John Sayres - guitar
Sam Defilipp - guitar
Adam Wamsley - bass
DanNusz - drums

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by Robert Williams

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