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Lupus Dei
April 2007
Released: 2007, Metal Blade Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The following lines are an excerpt, shamelessly ripped straight from the crypt of these Germany-located blood-thirsty wolves. So to give you a clue about a sort of craziness of Powerwolf: "We´re proud to finally reveal some facts about the upcoming album: The opus will be entitled LUPUS DEI. Being a concept album dealing with the word of the bible and the rules of metal, LUPUS DEI will feature 11 anthems between true evil metal mayhem and haunting religious horror madness. We`re proud as hell and can´t wait to share this monumental piece of metal with all you wolfmaniacs out there. We went far beyond what we did before and the wolf howls heavier and catchier than ever! For all those who lost their souls in RETURN IN BLOODRED, this album will be paradise in hell - and for all those who haven´t sacrificed their souls to the claws of the wolf yet, this time there will be no escape!"

´Wolfmaniacs´? ´Haunting religious horror madness´? So, what the hell are they actually doing may one ask? Well, if you ask me respectively, I´d tell you Powerwolf plays metal of the highest caliber which borrows a thing from here and a thing from there – and make one hell of wholeness out of all these tiny, ´borrowed pieces´. Just try to imagine something along the lines of... (!) Well, this may sound absurd and crazy, but at least try to figure out a sort of combination of both Mercyful Fate and King Diamond (without King´s high-pitched vocals) melted together with Candlemass, add some Maiden-ish melodies into this delicious soup as an extra, but certainly welcomed spice - and then throw a handful of Power Metal elements in for decoration and you pretty much have Powerwolf. It´s really hard to describe their sound THAT accurately, but hopefully some of you manage to get some kind of clue about Powerwolf. If not, then I´m sorry. Or when thinking of this more carefully, I´m actually not, ha!

The band is fronted a guy called Attila Dorn whose roots go back to Romania. The guy has a really powerful, ´classic´ Heavy Metal voice that contains enough amount of vocal range that colors the nature of the songs on LUPUS DEI whenever and in whatever way is needed. Their songs are like little nightmares that haunt you at night; filled with stories about savage packs of wolves and sinister vampires after for your red flesh. I´d say that songs like “We Take It from the Living”, “Prayer in the Night”, “Saturday Satan”, “Behind the Leathermask” and “When the Moon Shines Red” represent the album's true straight flush, containing a cavalcade of all those elements that all of us want to hear in our Heavy Metal. I mean, we all like horror atmospheres, sinfully catchy choruses and purely screaming, wicked Heavy Metal that has an exceptionally strong tendency to send cold shivers down our spines, right? There´s lots of that on LUPUS DEI and who knows - probably even more.

If there´s a term ´evil Heavy Metal´, then this is it. Powerwolf´s LUPUS DEI with its eleven highly catchy metal anthems - exclusively made by Powerwolf for all wolf-addicted souls...
Track Listing

01. Lupus Demonae (Intro)
02. We Take It from the Living
03. Prayer in the Dark
04. Saturday Satan
05. In Blood We Trust
06. Behind the Leathermask
07. Vampires Don't Die
08. When the Moon Shines Red
09. Mother Mary Is a Bird of Prey
10. Tiger of Sabrod
11. Lupus Dei


Attila Dorn - Vocals
Matthew Greywolf - Lead & rhythm guitar
Charles Greywolf - Bass & rhythm guitar
Stefane Funèbre - Drums
Falk Maria Schlegel - Organ / Keys

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