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Total Pwnage
August 2006
Released: 2006, Independant
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

If you looked at the band name listed above and immediately thought of Nintendo, then this review, and band, is for you. See, Powerglove is an old discarded Nintendo peripheral from the ‘80s – it also happens to be the name of one fucking great band. The band Powerglove is an instrumental trio from Boston who happen to have Berklee College of Music-quality pedigree. On its own, that’s nothing too special for a metal band. What sets these three wackos apart is their undying love of videogames and their willingness to make a career out of playing videogame soundtracks!

Imagine if you will, meshing the musical qualities of classic metal and power metal, adding a dash of death metal aggression, combine them, and write a video game score – that’s what listening to TOTAL PWNAGE is like. It may sound confusing, but if you aren’t won over by the time the first crashing riff of Tetris’ “Theme B” hits, you have no pulse. Fact is, this is some damn fine, and FUN music. The band seamlessly turns these 8-bit mono tracks into full-on melodic metal tour-de-forces.

Videogame music has become more respected lately, with games like Medal of Honor, Lineage 2, and the Final Fantasy series having quite lauded soundtracks. Still, despite the fact that fans expect Final Fantasy games are going to have great music, Powerglove’s creativity and flawless musicianship shed some light on some older, lesser known scores.

I admit that I’m a big enough geek to have instantly recognized 4 of the seven tracks here, without even reading what games they are from, but I assure you – even metal fans who don’t play videogames will get a huge kick out of this disc! This is definitely one to search out. Game on!
Track Listing

1) Themes B and C (Tetris)
2) Mute City (F-Zero)
3) Birth of a God (Final Fantasy VII)
4) The Decisive Battle
5) Power Rangers
6) Storm Eagle
7) Dr. Wiley’s Theme


Alex Berkson: Guitars
Chris Marchiel: Guitars
Bassil Silver-Hajo: Drums
Spalding: Session Bass

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