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Power Quest
Sixth Dimension
October 2017
Released: 2017, Inner Wound
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: JP

I’m always so delighted when a band I enjoy returns from the dead and in this case it is mighty POWER QUEST! I have really enjoyed everything these guys have done over the years, dating back to when I bought their debut album on Underground Symphony in 2002 and reviewed it here on, back in August 2003. BLOOD ALLIANCE came out in 2011 and since then the band was quiet. I thought they were MIA or even dead! Luckily they are still going, well to be precise, they reformed, and have just released their sixth album, the imaginatively titled, SIXTH DIMENSION.

In the intervening years the band has moved to the Inner Wound label. The other major change is that Chitty is no longer singing for the band. He has been replaced, quite admirably, by a relative newcomer, Ashley Edison. Check out his totally ass-kicking scream at the beginning of the cut ‘Face The Raven’! His clean, clear voice is somewhat reminiscent of Timo Kotipelto at times. Power Quest led by founder Steve Williams in no stranger to line-up instability with yet more changes with two new guitarists on board, Glyn and Andrew. They shred!

SIXTH DIMENSION sees the band fired up and firing on all cylinders! They race through nine songs on euro-styled Power Metal….not dramatically different, thankfully (!), than anything else they have done. The well-crafted keyboard-driven Power Metal races along for four songs before they even think of easing off the gas. Many of the songs have those huge catchy choruses with big backing gang vocals that draw you into a sing-along scenario. I also enjoy the semi-hyperactive drumming of Rich Smith. There is a good sense of fun and dynamic energy on this album with positive lyrics and soaring melodies. The opening keyboard line of the cut ‘Coming Home’ is so catchy, it is a natural ear-worm, and reminds me a little bit of the opening section of the song ‘Metallic Blue’ (Steelhouse Lane/House Of Lords) and that is a total compliment because it is so good! Top it all off with another gorgeous piece of album art by Felipe Franco and you have another winner by Power Quest.

I won’t go into depth of the very convoluted back-story of the complex relationship between the members of Power Quest, Arthemis, Dragonforce, I Am I, and Triaxis but suffice to say, somehow despite the revolving door of musicians, Power Quest have presented another total triumph.
Track Listing

1. Lords of Tomorrow
2. Starlight City
3. Kings and Glory
4. Face the Raven
5. No More Heroes
6. Revolution Fighters
7. Pray for the Day
8. Coming Home
9. The Sixth Dimension


Ashley Edison Vocals
Glyn Williams Guitar
Andrew Kopczyk Guitar
Steve Williams Keyboards
Paul Finnie Bass
Rich Smith Drums



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