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Power Quest
April 2004
Released: 2004, Frontiers Records/Atenzia Records
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Power Quest was formed by Steve Williams (keyboards) in Southampton, England, during 2001. The band name means two things, the word Power comes from Power Metal and Quest refers to warriors or pilgrims who seeks the truth and their destiny. After a few member changes Power Quest released their debut album WINGS OF FOREVER in 2002. After another member change, work on the follow up began in 2003. During this time they signed with a label with for worldwide deal.

“NEVERWORLD” was recorded in Thin Ice Studio during June/July 2003. Karl Groom produced the album and Pete Coleman took care of the mixing in Mastertone Studio. The sound and the production do not sound so good; it’s quite of a basic production. According to the info I have on this album, this should be power metal but I can only partly agree. This is very melodic power metal with keyboard high in the mix. I can even say that this sometimes sounds like rock influenced by neo-classical metal with some hints of regular melodic hard rock sneaked in.

“NEVERWORLD (POWER QUEST II)”, “TEMPLE OF FIRE”, “SACRED LAND” and “WELL OF SOULS” are some very melodic power metal tracks with a lot of double bass pedals used in the songs. Keyboards and vocals are high up in the mix along with some razor sharp guitar playing. These songs have some influences of neo-classical metal as well. “EDGE OF TIME” and “INTO THE LIGHT” are two regular melodic hard rock tracks with keyboard and guitar at the top of the sound. They have some very memorable choruses and some parts with a lot of double bass pedals. “WHEN I’M GONE” is a slow ballad and nothing more. The only thing that impresses me here is the guitar solo in the middle. “FOREVERMORE” a melodic hard rock track influenced by heavy rock. “LOST WITHOUT YOU” starts of as an up tempo ballad before it turns into a melodic hard rock track. This song is a duet between Alessio and a female vocalist (sorry, I don’t know who she is). This song is pretty good throughout and in the middle Andrea shows off his skills on guitar with the other guys following him.

According to the info included with the CD, this album is meant to take the power metal genre to another dimension. That’s something they definitely have failed to do. This is not impressive in any way. This is just too melodic to be power metal, the material is poor. There are band’s that do this style so much better than Power Quest.

Labels: and
Track Listing

Neverworld (Power Quest II)
Temple Of Fire
Edge Of Time
Sacred Land
When I’m Gone
For Evermore
Into The Light
Lost Without You


Steve Williams – keyboard
Steve Scott – bass
Alessio Garavello – lead vocals
Andrea Martongelli – guitar
Andre Bargmann – drums

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