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Power Quest
Master Of Illusion
June 2008
Released: 2008, Napalm Records/Border Music
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

This English act was founded by ex-DragonHeart (now DragonForce) members Steve Williams and Steve Scott in 2004. Power Quest released their first demo in 2001 and their debut album WINGS OF FOREVER the year after. The follow-up, NEVERWORLD, came out in 2003. Members have come and gone during the short period of time the band has been active, but now the line-up is solid. Power Quest still plays melodic power metal with a strong emphasis on keyboards. They have narrowed down their influences and they are focusing on their own style of music. The tempo has been driven up a notch and today’s version of Power Quest is more technical and complex.

Keyboards and guitar dominate the mix and singer Alessio Garavello’s voice has cleared up and gotten in shape. He sounds much better on MASTER OF ILLUSION than he ever has before. Guitarist Andrea Martongelli and Keyboardist Steve Williams carry the music further and do an amazing job on the album.

The material feels solid and many of the songs are easy to sing along with and have really catchy choruses. Power Quest have managed to rise above the rest of the myriad bands in the classical melodic power metal genre. This is what melodic power metal should sound like. “Cemetery Gates”, “Kings Of Eternity”, “The Vigil”, “Never Again”, “Civilised?”, “Master Of Illusion”, “Save The World”, “Hearts And Voices” and “I Don’t Believe In Friends Forever” are the golden songs on this album.

I have listened to MASTER OF ILLUSION numerous times and the album gets better with each listen; this is an album that will last for many years. Even though this type of music is usually too melodic for me I can’t but love these jolly guys and their happy album.

MASTER OF ILLUSION is a great album and has lots of energy and vitality. The songs are catchy, the production is solid as a rock and nothing has been left behind. This album is a top-ten album for me and I hope it gives Power Quest the big breakthrough they deserve.
Track Listing

1. Cemetery Gates
2. Human Machine
3. Civilised?
4. Kings Of Eternity
5. Master Of Illusion
6. The Vigil
7. Save The World
8. Hearts And Voices
9. I Don’t Believe In Friends Forever
10. Never Again


Alessio Garavello – lead vocals, guitar
Steve Williams – keyboards
Andrea Martongelli – guitar
Steve Scott – bass
Francesco Tresca – drums

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