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February 2010
Released: 2009, Sleaszy Rider Records
Rating: 1.5/5
Reviewer: Alan Gilkeson

Austrians Posithrone's debut album NECROPOLES, courtesy of the Sleaszy Rider label, carries the same name as their demo from 2001, and most of the songs are the same as well. The label refers to their brand of Music as 'complex Metal'. Their bio hails Posithrone as the impossible melding of 'Symphonic Metal, Doom, Technical Black Metal, Classical Music and even Sleaze-Rock, to a unique dark and spacey Hybridization.' I believe, after careful listens, that the reason it took so long between demo and debut is that this band is quite simply awful, and nothing of what they proclaim to be.

There's nothing complex in the slightest. At best NECROPOLES is straightforward rhythm driven rock and roll with weak dirty vocals over the top. The songs all use the same formula, simple cadence, even simpler riffs, anaemic commonplace and monotone vocal melodies. It's possible that I have never been presented with a record so far off the mark from its advertising. Probably the worst record I ever heard came from a band in the late 90's called Bongzilla, and I believe the press kit and band bio mentioned they had no talent. There is nothing complex here folks and on the whole, it's rather lackluster at best.

As I type I'm listening to the completely boring spoken word part of the song 'Prodigal Soul', a tune which tries to twist into some weird precocious break, into an even weaker verse and chorus. One of the guys in this band is in another band on the same label, and I've got to believe that this thing saw the light of day just to make somebody happy. Stay away.
Track Listing

1. Intro (La Follia Infernale Pt. I)
2. We Are The Way
3. Cybernetic Unions
4. White Sun
5. Prodigal Soul
6. Gen-Errator
7. Alpha Galaxia
8. The Winter (Intermezzo)
9. Necropolitan Day
10. Outro (La Follia Infernale Pt. II)



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