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Burn The World
November 2017
Released: 2017, Metal Blade
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: John Haseltine

So many other bands come to mind with just one listen to Portrait’s 4th full length offering BURN THE WORLD. This is not such a bad thing though as the overall feel of the album gives off a bit of originality while keeping close to those who have influenced the band.

Old school Mercyful Fate seems to be the one most mentioned by other. Now, I have not listened to other releases by Portrait, so I cannot 100% agree that they come off as a Mercyful Fate or King Diamond wannabe band. Although there are a few slight similarities, the same holds true for many other bands. Per Lengstedt, the vocalist does have quiet the set of pipes that at times can almost pierce right through you.

Portrait has style that blends traditional metal with hints of thrash and power metal. One thing I like about this release is the production. It does sound a bit raw in a sense. Not over polished. Almost a ‘good’ garage demo sound.

If you like your metal with an old-school vibe and in the likes of Ram, Hell, In Solitude, or the mighty Mercyful Fate, Portrait is a band that you should check out. It is a fairly decent listen from start to finish. Not that it’s going to blow your socks off or anything, but still a good album.
Track Listing

1. Saturn Return (Intro)
2. Burn the World
3. Likfassna
4. Flaming Blood
5. Mine to Reap
6. Martyrs
7. Further She Rode
8. To Die For
9. Pure of Heart


Anders Persson - Drums
Christian Lindell - Guitars
Per Lengstedt - Vocals
Fredrik Petersson - Bass
Robin Holmberg - Guitars



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