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In the Absence of Light
December 2006
Released: 2005, Self-released
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Portall, this 4-piece deathrash band hailing from Elburg, Holland, has been together for over 5 years, only changed one member during their road to unleash some metallic noise on their way to people´s minds, won even a Dutch music competition (“Metal Battle”) for metal bands in May 2005 - and played a bunch of gigs with both national - as well as international acts (Sinister, Legion of the Damned, Hatesphere, One Man Army, etc.). And that´s all about the band´s biography in a tiny nutshell...

Portall´s self-financed mini-CD that was released in October 2005 last year, and it´s been gaining pretty good reviews in different media around the world, but actually one shouldn´t wonder why it has been doing so, as a matter of speaking. There´s 5 songs on this mini-CD, titled IN THE ABSENCE OF LIGHT, and this is a somewhat convincing and enjoyable stuff - all the 5 songs on the disc. Portall´s music is based on heavy, fat yet very rhythmic Thrash –riffs, which have been wrapped around the band´s vocalist Rutger Wildeman´s strong vocal performance that reminds me sort of mix from both Jan-Kris de Koiejer´s (Gorefest) as well as Max Cavalera´s (Soulfly, ex-Sepultura) deliveries. Moreover, as the musical recipe for the guys seems to be clear enough how they want their band to sound like, every detail within the music clicks to each other somewhat successfully and painlessly even. The band´s determination to ´death-thrash´ a little bit, shouldn´t leave anyone cold if you just have any understanding to this type of music in general. Granted, Portall doesn´t drop any ´aces´ off from their sleeves, and this all sounds somehow familiar what they do. However, for their sake it´s gotta be said some sort of a lack of originality within Portall´s Death/Thrash Metal, luckily doesn´t ruin an overall a positive impression about them, which is of course a great thing. There´s a lot of power behind their music, and that´s what should count for most of us – the fans of thus type of metal style.

Portall has started their own world domination well, and I gotta believe IN THE ABSENCE OF LIGHT is just the beginning from them...
Track Listing

01. Unholy Man
02. Chosen Path
03. I Prevail
04. Command and Obey
05. Overdriven


Rutger Wildeman - Vocals & guitar
Peter Haverkamp - Lead guitar
Jeffrey Wennekes - Bass guitar
Jeroen v/d Kamp - Drums

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