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Lust Stained Despair
December 2006
Released: 2006, Century Media
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Arto Lehtinen

After laying Sentenced to the everfrost rest, an excellent opportunity arose for the now former frontman of Sentenced - to re-activate PoisonBlack from hiatus. Recording the second PoisonBlack album took a long time as the recording was carried out in different places. Final mixing of the album was handled by Tue Madsen, who has previously worked with The Haunted, Heaven Shall Burn etc.

Comparing PoisonBlack to Sentenced is as pointless as comparing night to day, but in one case the similarities between Sentenced and PoisonBlack are more or less obvious when speaking of Laihiala’s delivery. The man’s dark and masculine voice fits perfectly to the sound of PoisonBlack which definitely appeals to the female fans.

Sounds of the second PoisonBlack album have been mixed to have more groove and even rougher elements, creating kind of a dirty sound feeling. That kind of approach suits the album giving a recognizable sound for PoisonBlack. It isn't a surprise that the album sounds great when a man like Tued Madsen has been behind the desk.

The album definitely contains a plenty of dismal and the typical Finnish melancholic metal hymns. Frankly, Ville Laihiala has always been an excellent interpreter of that kind of metal/rock stuff with his dark voice. Even though Laihiala has shown his ability behind the mic, the man has the skills to create these catching tunes on the guitar. Whereas the keyboards give another type of final feeling to the sounds on the album.

As stated above, the album contains a plenty of good songs including touching emotional songs. Surely some readers caught the video of “Rush” on MTV2, giving a good impression of the band’s dismal and a slightly gothic approach. PoisonBlack’s second album proves the former Sentenced vocalist isn’t just resting on his laurels. Instead, we see him pushing his current band forward with fire and passion.
Track Listing

1. Nothing Else Remains
2. Hollow Be My Name
3. The Darkest Lie
4. Rush
5. Nail
6 .Raivotar
7. Soul In Flames
8. Pain Becomes Me
9. Never Enough
10. Love Controlled Despair
The Living Dead


Ville Laihiala -guitars/vocals
Janne Markus - bass
Antti Remes - bass
Marco Sneck - keyboards
Tarmo Kanerva - drums

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Lust Stained Despair
September 2006
Released: 2006, Century Media/EMI
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

This is the fomer Sentenced singer Ville Laihiala’s band. This is the first release with Laihiala behind the mic; he took over when former singer JP Leppäluoto left. He also changed the line-up a bit, and the only two remaining members from the previous album are the drummer and the keyboard player.

This second drop of venomous poison released by Poisonblack is - as usual - filled with metal-influenced goth. You can almost hear that the band is from Finland because of the sadness and despair in the music; a sound that has carried Finnish acts into worldwide success. The music hasn’t changed much since the debut; it’s still the same sad, dark, and black goth metal with well-structured arrangements. This album is much more varied in tempo, though. A few songs that rise above the rest are the faster “Nothing Else Remains”, “Rush”, and “Nail”; the melancholic “The Darkest Lie” and “Soul in Flames”; the guitar-based “Never Enough” and “Raivotar”; and the very beautiful ballads “Pain Becomes Me” and “The Living Dead”. All of these songs stand out and makes the album a little special.

LUSTSTAINEDDESPAIR was recorded in Finland’s Tonebox Studio and it was mixed and mastered in Denmark’s AntFarm Studio with Tue Madsen. The production came out great, with every element in the right place to paint the dark and sad musical landscape Laihiala wanted.

This album is even better than the debut and deserves the highest rating possible. All of the 11 tracks are outstanding, and Poisonblack is now in a league of their own. This is probably the strongest album in this genre so far this year.
Track Listing

Nothing Else Remains
Hollow Be My Name
The Darkest Lie
Soul In Flames
Pain Becomes Me
Never Enough
Love Controlled Despair
The Living Dead


Ville Laihiala – lead vocals, lead guitar
Tarmo Kanerva – drums
Marco Sneck – keyboards
Antti Remes – bass
Janne Markus – guitar

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