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Double Dose: Ultimate Hits
June 2011
Released: 2011, EMI/Capitol
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Celtic Bob

DOUBLE DOSE is a 2 CD career spanning hits package from one of, if not the greatest band to ever be labeled ‘Hair Metal’. Poison defined what Hair Metal was but were unfairly labeled as all flash and image with little to no talent. This statement couldn’t be further from the truth as the band is still here and many of those critics are long gone.

Over the past 25 Years Poison has released several studio albums, a double live, a covers album and several ‘Best Of’ compilations. With the release of DOUBLE DOSE you cannot help but ask yourself why? It was just last year we got the NOTHING BUT A GOOD TIME compilation and just 4 years prior was THE BEST OF POISON: 20 YEARS OF ROCK. So why another? I can fully understand them wanting to have a product out on the market to commemorate their 25th Anniversary. Why another repackage of the same songs we have many times over? Why not a new studio album of all original material? At the very least give us fans a handful of new songs or some unreleased music. At least make it a bit worthwhile for the die-hard fans that have stuck by you since day 1.

On a more positive note: all the songs on DOUBLE DOSE are all an enjoyable listen even if the mastering is a bit harsh on the ears. You will find all the hits on here and then some. This release is aimed more towards the casual fan who may not have all the albums like most of us do. For those of us that do, DOUBLE DOSE is a pointless release. Why buy the same songs yet again? 

After this 25th Anniversary Tour we can only hope the band goes into the studio to give us a proper follow-up to 2002’s HOLLYWEIRD disc. It is a new studio album of all original Poison material that we the fans want and not another re-packaged ‘Hits’ disc.
Track Listing

Disc 1

'Talk Dirty To Me'
'I Want Action'
'I Won't Forget You'
'Cry Tough'
'Look What The Cat Dragged In'
'Nothin' But A Good Time'
'Fallen Angel'
'Every Rose Has Its Thorn'
'Your Mama Don't Dance'
'Unskinny Bop'
Rock and Roll All Night
'Ride The Wind'
'Something To Believe In'
'Life Goes On'
'The Last Song'
'Shooting Star'

Disc 2

'We're An American Band'
'So Tell Me Why'
'No More Lookin' Back [live]'
'Can't You See'
'Little Willy'
'Suffragette City'
'Look But You Can't Touch'
'Until You Suffer Some (Fire And Ice)'
'Bastard Son Of A Thousand Blues'
'Lay Your Body Down'
'Sexual Thing'
'(Flesh & Blood) Sacrifice'
'What I Like About You'
'Love On The Rocks'
'Face The Hangman'
'Livin' For The Minute'
'Cover Of The Rolling Stone
'Poor Boy Blues'


Bret Michaels
C.C. DeVille
Bobby Dall
Rikki Rockett

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