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Chambers of Death
October 2015
Released: 2015, Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

When you think of horror infused atmospheric doom, Luxembourg probably isn’t the first locale that comes to mind. But yet, here we are, enjoying CHAMBERS OF DEATH – the debut full length from Luxembourg’s Plaguewielder. Incorporating influences ranging from Asphyx and Autopsy to Neurosis and Skepticism, CHAMBERS OF DEATH ends up being a disturbingly good time.

As “Existence Is Our Exile” opens with an unaccompanied first verse that sounds like Martin van Drunen with a throat infection, it’s readily evident that the Plaguewielder aren’t wasting any time on pleasantries. As a musical backdrop of pianos and sullen guitars and rise from beneath the noise, the atonal cacophony starts to interweave, creating something dark and beautiful in the process. “Drowned” begins as a more typical doom anthem, pounding out slow marches of turgid riffs amongst a crawling pace, slowly building towards softer, almost delicate melodies – all the while, shrieks of vomited anguish pierce the shroud. Eventually you run into a character like “Father Suicide”; a track that is equal parts avante garde prog, unabashedly melodic goth, and rumbling death; it’s a token example of the kinds of complimentary chaos and calm that Plaguewielder inserts into each tune with surprising ease.

CHAMBERS OF DEATH isn’t the kind of album that you crank during your commute, but given a dark and stormy night and a tumbler of scotch, it’s a great soundtrack to reflect on the ills of the world and your own shoddy life choices.
Track Listing

1. Existence Is Our Exile
2. Drowned
3. Casket of Dying Flesh
4. Father Suicide
5. The Funeral March


Luis Muñoz - Drums
Christophe Trausch - Guitars
Maxime Weber - Keyboards
Nicholas O'Connell - Vocals, Bass

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