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Plague (demo)
October 2003
Released: 2003, Indie
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Plague have a name that sounds familiar and yet surprisingly has not been used yet by a death metal band. The name is simple, effective and open to interpretation to some degree. The band’s demo cover is stark and startlingly effective as well with recent public awareness of terrorism making the minimalist design catch your eye.

This Canadian three piece have released their musical plague of standard no frills death metal. Eleven cuts all of them short and punchy and quite catchy at times. Songs like ‘Maleguena’ are very catchy and memorable and the acoustic work in Pipers Laggon offsets the heaviness nicely. The band remind me almost of a Death Metal Motorhead. This band is so non-descript it almost works in their favour. Short songs, short song titles, short on details (there are no lyrics, notes or pictures) this band is pretty stripped down and raw. The vocals are death metal in style but more like a low growl or roar that is quite understandable moreso than an all–out guttural scream.

As is often the case with young bands I’d like to see them work on their technical proficiency. On songs like ‘Scar’ the guitar employs that annoying single note guitar squeal loved by so many nameless mallcore bands who can’t be bothered to learn how to play a solo. Damn heavy with lots of promise, I hope they can make a steady assault into the awareness of the metal public.
Track Listing

1. Warcall
2. Soundtrack
3. ID
4. Scar
5. Maleguena
6. Pipers Lagoon
7. Trash
8. Nameless
9. Stomach Punch
10. Neverland Everlasting


Sean-Vocals, guitar



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