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Pissing Razors
Fields of Disbelief
September 2000
Released: 2000, Modern Music / Noise Records
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: EvilG

I really, really liked Pissing Razor's last CD Cast Down The Plague. While it did have many Pantera-isms, it still had intensity, speed, some ripping guitar solos and thrash. Well Fields of Disbelief does not pick up from where the last one left off. This is a turn for the worst taking a page from Sepultura's ill-fated outing - Roots. I think the boys must be listening to some "nu-metal" and trying to sound more "hardcore." They should of clued in to some real thrash instead.

The CD opens with "Between Heaven and Hell" which starts decently enough but then quickly sounds like half-assed Sepultura. Track two begins with "Fork Tongue" being rasped at you sounding a lot like Max Cavelera. I'd take Beneath The Remains or Arise over this second-rate stuff any day. Track three dwindles away...still no solos, what's going on here? The song "You Never Know" has a kick ass intro that sounds like Slayer's "War Ensemble" played at warp speed. Then the tempo slows down to the choppy Fear Factory pace and the "I'm such a bad ass" vocals cut in ruining what could of been a killer tune. The title track "Fields of Disbelief" is an OK track with some cool riffing at the beginning and a chorus that is somewhat melodic in a Machine Head kind of way. This song actually has a solo on it, but don't blink, it's about 5 seconds long...would someone please take this guy off his leash and let him rip?!?!

Take a bit of Roots Sepultura and newer Fear Factory, stir in some Pantera and you get Pissing Razors Fields of Disbelief. I feel like I'm the one listening in disbelief as a band that showed so much promise on their last CD has failed in overcoming and rising above. It's not like these guys can't play!!! The guitarist has a killer rhythm sound and can solo but chooses not to. The drummer is awesome and is the band's strong point. He could play any style of metal - just listen to his double kicks at the beginning of "Out of Control" added to by some tasty work on the ride symbol. The main thing holding this back is the vocals. They sound pretty much like hardcore and are oh so trendy. Bottom line - great guitar riffing and even better drumming but below average vocals and lack of speed and soloing really kills this CD.
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