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Piraña Attack
December 2005
Released: 2005, Onslaught Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Asassinkiller

Party Thrash Metal for extremely drunken people!!! This is how I would categorize this Mexican four piece under the Piraña moniquer. Piraña is the fucked up child of Cesar Tarello, ex-Antiqua (Doom/Death) and Samuel, ex-Ravager (Brutal Death). This last mentioned band released two acclaimed CDs under the Osmose Productions label.

Go back to the glory days when Thrash Metal reigned supreme and it was about partying, going against the grain and getting fucking wasted. I think by know you have a good idea of the backbone behind Piraña´s first MCD “Piraña Attack”. It reminded me a lot about Bay Area Thrash bands like Exodus and Vio-lence with some modern tones ala Carnal Forge and Hatesphere. In the vocal department I kept on thinking of Destruction’s Mike Schmier, maybe with a harder edge, but keeping that 80´s feeling intact.

“Piraña Attack” opens with the killer Piraña Attack intro. Then comes Erase You and here you start to feel all the anger of this release courtesy of the razor sharp guitars and Tarello´s aggressive vocal approach. Pain is in me comes next and keeps the pummeling work until Fuck Gringos arrives. A song that reminded me a lot of Carnal Forge for its intense and fast Thrash attack. It also contains a really killer chorus that just owns. Fuck Gringos goes against the American Way of life in all the sense of the world. Against the people that just follow money and don’t care for anything else. In the end we have Connection Hell and it is perfect as the closing song of this mad release. It has this incredible Black Sabbath/Pantera bluesy vibe that flows incredibly throughout the song.

One negative aspect of “Piraña Attack” is Shadows of Death, a pretty average song that contains an even more average chorus. The other negative aspect has got to be the bass, it is almost non-existent even if the rest of the production is good; heavy guitars, in your face drums and angry vokills. Definitely putting aside the little bass flaw, “Piraña Attack” has to be one of the best sounding Mexican Metal releases ever.

All in all Piraña Attack is a heavy release that will appeal to any Thrash Metal follower and any Metal fan in general. I highly encourage you to contact the band or Piraña Records to get this release. The contact mail is And in the end it all sums in the next quote: If you though Piranhas were deadly, you haven’t seen anything yet. Stay Heavy!!!
Track Listing

Piraña Attack / Erase You
Pain Is In Me
Fuck Gringos
Shadows of Death
Connection: Hell


Tarello - Guitar/Vox
Samuel - Lead Guitar
Israel - Drums
Polo - Bass



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