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Soul Creeper
June 2010
Released: 2010, Nightmare Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

There are some people who think that Power Metal is suffering from stagnation but not me. Those same critics often cite ‘lack of originality’ as a problem with bands but in my experience that is a superficial analysis of people who can’t be bothered to actually listen to the music and reject things with an “I’ve heard it all before attitude’. There are more interesting, exciting bands than ever before and Phonomik is one of these new, interesting, exciting bands.

Nightmare Records, long known for quality acts in the US are branching out and have signed these guys from Denmark. They recently issued the debut album, SOUL CREEPER. While not a concept album in the purest sense it does have a thematic element running through it. Lyrically, there is a quasi-religious element but certainly not preachy by any means.

Sonically, Phonomik play a potent blend of Heavy Metal (naturally!) with melodic elements. The vocals are in the mid-range and never get too yelpy or high-pitched. At times the singer has a tendency to ‘talk’ his vocals, which is OK, it adds diversity. Accordingly, there is a bit of a darker feel, it doesn’t get too bright and poppy. They remind me a bit of an older band called Wicked Maraya.

There some progressive elements laced throughout the songs but nothing too challenging or complex. The vast majority of the songs cruise along nicely at a mid-tempo to occasionally fast pace, crunchy and in the pocket but never frantic. In fact I’d probably like to hear them cut loose a bit more. Keyboards add little flourishes of flavour here and there. A promising debut and solid first effort.
Track Listing

1. Massacre
2. Mental Fire
3. Infected
4. Wake Up Dead
5. Atmos-Fear
6. Caveman
7. Soul Creeper
8. Life Lies
9. Broken Son
10. Die Alone


Shane Dihman-Vocals
Kenneth Bergstrom-Guitar
Michael Hansen-Bass
Rune Gravengaard-Drums

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