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Pain Of Salvation
In The Passing Light Of Day
March 2017
Released: 2017, Inside Out
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Carla (Guest reviewer Denmark/Romania)

Legendary Swedish progressive metal band Pain of Salvation released their long-awaited album IN THE PASSING LIGHT OF DAY for Inside Out Music early this year.

With this new album, they are returning to their much-praised heavier sound. When asked if the new album is influenced by the experiences from early 2014, Gildenlöw said that it most definitely is, it derives very specifically from his time in the hospital. For the ones that have no idea what I am talking about, bandleader Daniel Gildenlöw spent quite some weeks in the hospital, due to a life threatening bacterial infection in 2014.

Up and running again after several months of hard work and a lot of stubbornness, we have a new album to enjoy, so let’s dive in. The album opens up with “On a Tuesday” which is a 10-minute energetic piece that paints the picture and imagery of Daniel’s experience. Pounding drums and heavy guitars are alternating with a softer sound, making it a perfect opening that just catches you in its embrace.

I think my favorite track of the album is by far “Tongue of God”. It’s a perfect example of how metal and prog can work together, and I see it as a natural evolution from the Road Salt albums.

The lyrics of “Meaningless” are nothing BUT meaningless, and the song itself is unexpected in so many ways. The tones, the melodies, the structure, even the video, it makes one feel… uneasy.

As “Sisters” from ROAD SALT ONE is a note-by-note copy of “Nocturne” by Secret Garden (which don’t get me wrong, I really like) “Meaningless” seems to be a more stylized version of Ragnar Holberg’s “Rockers Don’t Bathe”. Anyone with me? Yes? No?

As some might be more into the prog and heavy style of PoS, I am a more of a sucker for their ballads. Why, you ask? Simply because there are more raw emotions coming out to see the light of day. “Silent Gold” is what I am talking about, a piano ballad with strong and emotional vocals. Yes, one can argue that throughout the entire album there is an amalgam of emotions, and my contra argument will be that when dealing with a ballad, you see a more vulnerable Gildenlöw, and who doesn’t love a vulnerable Gildenlöw? Moving on, the title track “The Passing Light of Day” is a 15-minute transcendental tune dealing with loss, redemption and recovery. The pipe organ keyboards, the sound of the fingers sliding up and down the guitar strings and the deep voice of the plaintiff leaves me in pieces every time I listen to it.

To conclude, “In the Passing Light of Day” is a musical kaleidoscope, pure poetry. This album also shows the beauty of the transition, of the inevitable. And of the hope of a tomorrow, the hope of change, no matter how frail and naive that hope may be.
Track Listing

1. On a Tuesday
2. Tongue of God
3. Meaningless
4. Silent Gold
5. Full Throttle Tribe
6. Reasons
7. Angels of Broken Things
8. The Taming of a Beast
9. If This Is the End
10. The Passing Light of Day


Daniel Gildenlöw Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Lute, Keyboards, Drums, Percussion, Accordion, Zither
Ragnar Holberg Guitar
Gustaf Helm Bass
Daniel Karlsson Keyboards
Léo Margarit Drums,



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