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The Infernal Hierarchies: Penetrating The Threshold Of Night
May 2014
Released: 2014, Moribund
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Black metal; that abrasive, controversial and yet beautiful genre turns up many a band these days and Pact seem to be a band who have built up somewhat of a cult following in the genre. Certainly, they harken back to the days of myth, vivid storytelling and the vicious, demonic side of fantasy.

Does it succeed? Unfortunately, not entirely.

While Pact are clearly and quite obviously talented musicians, The Infernal Hierarchies: Penetrating The Threshold Of Night unfortunately suffers due to an utter lack of variety. Songs morph into one with blast beat drumming and pounding riffs with very little variation or dare I say it...identity.

The Hell Of Supernal’s and Baal-Zebub - Lord Of The Flies are very Nile-esque in their execution and provide a strong side but unfortunately the album fades from there as everything seems to merge but not an entirely positive way.

One exception to the rule is Pactmaker Lucifuge which would be a stand out track on any black metal album showing that Pact do have it, I’d just like to see it more.

Review by Dan Brent
Track Listing

1.The Hell Of Supernal’s
2.Baal-Zebub - Lord Of The Flies
3.The Great Serpent Of Tehom
4.Firelord Andremelch
5.Pactmaker Lucifuge
6.Under The Eclipse Of Tiphareth
7.The Witchmother Of Shades
8.Asmodeus Beast Of Judgement
9.The Howling Of Gamchicoth



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