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July 2004
Released: 2004, Self-released
Rating: 4.6/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

An honest, first impression... GREAT packaging!! The German Death Metal combo Philosopher have made really neat and professional packaging for their 4-track demo-CD; it´s been packaged inside a DVD –box and the CD is also factory-printed, so the first impression is quite damn indelible and very positively conspicuous.

As for Philosopher music-wise, well,... what can I say, but... wow!! The band plays an old-school "Lovecraftian Death Metal" (as they have named their brand of Death Metal by themselves) which isn´t overly technical but damn catchy and well-crafted--a bit in the vein of early Death/Morgoth (the LEPROSY / CURSED -eras mainly, tho!) if you need comparisons. The band´s mostly mid-tempo Death Metal is neither anything new nor offers any surprising or unexpected twists and turns as far as the 4 songs on WHAT DWELLS BEYOND are concerned, but as the guys in Philosopher obviously know what they can do best in the name of old-school Death Metal sounds, the result cannot be bad.

Unlike many Death Metal bands these days, Philosopher don´t try to be the most brutal and barbaric sounding Death Metal band on earth, but count more on making their songs stand out right from the very moments when their songs start capturing and making more space in the ears of a listener. And they have managed to keep their songs in that essential formula where they have a total control over their songs, without slipping into any exaggerated extremes by pushing themselves towards some unknown territories that may feel somewhat uncomfortable and not ´safe´ enough for them - and where they even could eventually fail badly by trying to reach something into their sound which isn´t obviously meant for them musically.

Murky, eerie, melodic, thought-out and timeless... five quality keywords that I´d like to use to describe Philosopher´s songs on this mercilessly catchy and excellent 4-song demo. It´s easy to welcome Philosopher´s well-moving and brilliantly churned out Death Metal in and ask it to stay with you a bit longer if bands like Death, Morgoth, Apshyx and the likes have ever managed to reach your admiration and respect due to a different bunch of some particular musical values.

The musical concept these new German Death Metal messiahs Philosopher have adopted into their sound, hopefully will last up to their up-coming debut album that they should record in the end of the year for a label named Ruptured Silence. And I really look forward to it damn anxiously already, I gotta tell. Just mark the name of Philosopher in your memory, dear folks, if you are still hungry for more old-school Death Metal sounds and have any kind of understanding for the word "quality". GREAT fuckin´ shit here!!
Track Listing

01. Within Aeons
02. Nephren Kah
03. Dweller in Ruins
04. Incantation of Vendigo


Mike – Vocals
Snaker – Guitar & synths
Tobi – Bass
Christoph - Drums


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