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Antebellum Death `n` Roll
May 2007
Released: 2006, Osmose Productions
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Gord White

If nothing else, Phazm’s second full length ANTEBELLUM DEATH ‘N’ ROLL is a lot of fun. It’s also aptly titled since “death ‘n’ roll” describes this French band’s sound perfectly. Unfortunately for them, they sound pretty one-dimensional doing all this deathin’ and rollin’, and the lines between the songs start to blur a little. On the plus side, they bring up memories of later Testament during some of the better moments.

Standout tracks include the grinding “So White, So Blue, So Cold”, the upbeat “Black ‘N’ Roll” and “Decay”, another rager. It’s too bad though that most of the weaker songs are just lesser versions of the songs just mentioned so that even those don’t stand out the way they should. It’s not until the last four tracks that the band start to bring more variety to their sound. Obviously competent musicians, they bring some acoustic stylings to “Sabbath” and “Lorelindorenan”, not to mention some excellent bluesy riffing in album closer “Burarum”.

ANTEBELLUM DEATH ‘N’ ROLL is definitely not a bad album, it’s just not a good one either. The word ‘antebellum’ is Latin for “before war”, so it could be argued that maybe this album is the calm before the storm. Will their next one be all out war, and build on their already promising sound? We’ll just have to wait and see.
Track Listing

1. How to Become a God
2. Hunger
3. Black ‘N’ Roll
4. So White, So Blue, So Cold
5. My Darkest Desire
6. Damballah
7. Decay
8. The Bright Side of Death
9. Sabbath
10. Mr. Toodling
11. Lorelindorenan
12. Burarum


Pierrick Valence – vocals, guitar
Mahx – bass
Cedryhk – drums
Victorien Vilchez – guitar

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