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Ten Years
July 2011
Released: 2011, Cruz Del Sur
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

I’m not really sure of the logic or reasoning behind this EP. I guess with the bands new, fourth full-length tentatively out by the end of 2011, this is a bit of stop-gap. It also blows me away that we have never reviewed a Pharaoh album yet on this site!

As per usual when we intro a band that we have not covered before we give a quick history lesson, on the off-chance that the band is new to some of our readers. The short version is that this well-respected US Traditional Metal band has been around about 10 years and has released three well-received albums on the Cruz Del Sur label. The membership is impressive including Chris and Matt from Dawnbringer and Tim Aymar (Ex- Pyscho Scream, ex- Control Denied) on vocals.

TEN YEARS is a bit of an odds and sods collection, a couple new ones, a couple of rare ones and a couple of cover tunes. A couple of head-scratchers on here…a really old Slayer tune and a non-Metal band called New Model Army get the cover song treatment. There are a couple of songs that didn’t make the cut from the last album and a couple of deep catalogue rarities.

The band really is rock solid, offering up excellent, well-written well arranged Metal tunes that stand out even more thanks to Aymars’ delivery. Nice and warm old-school production are also a hallmark of this under-appreciated band. Nothing fancy or over the top, just one of many great bands on the respected label, like Crescent Shield, Ignitor, Twisted Tower dire and a handful more. If ya like those dues this is right up your darkened alley.

TEN YEARS while fun and worthy, is mostly for die-hards, archivists and completists and serves it’s purpose to keep the band in the public eye. While it’s a good little housekeeping EP, it will be the new full-length album will be the record that makes many year-end lists for 2011.
Track Listing

1. Ten Years
2. When We Fly
3. White Light (New Model Army cover)
4. Reflection and the Inevitable Future
5. Nothing I Can Say
6. Tormentor (Slayer cover)


Tim Aymar-Vocals
Matt Johnsen-Guitar
Chris Kerns-Bass
Chris Black-Drums

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