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Incendiary Serum
March 2014
Released: 2013, I, Voidhanger Records
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Denmark's PHANTOM “ are devoted to ancient black/doom metal sounds filled with decadent melodies of death and cryptic atmospheres. The resulting paranormal black metal is haunted by the ghosts of influences past, yet reaches beyond the confines of the material world to heed the enigmatic call of the others”.

Not a bad description by the band and label, PHANTOM certainly mix things up with their sound with the sound crossing I would say 4 genres (Black, Death, Doom & Gothic metal) but mixing them in such a way each track has all the elements in to create something interesting haunting brutal and yet atmospheric.

I love the production on this album, it’s not over produced it has a raw edge, the guitars aren’t too processed sounding more organic and I love the fact at the beginning and end of some tracks you can hear fret, cable and amp buzz which gives it an added charm and underground feel.

This is a well thought out constructed album from start to end, it’s not an endless onslaught of blasts beats from beginning to end and it’s not a relentless slow paced drone, the way each track is constructed fits the lyrics and if you are like me you can visualize the music and lyrics in your mind you can see how the story in the song unfolds and yet all the tracks gel together to create a very good album.

The keyboards are used to good effect throughout the album not over used but there to bring the atmospheric dynamics to the fore and to create the emotion and to back up the melody of each song.

I hear so many influences in this album the vocals are very in the vein of DARK FUNERAL, DAYLIGHT DIES and the music you can hear nods to DISSECTION, SCEPTIC FLESH, HYPOCRISY, MYSTIC CIRCLE, DARK FUNERAL, PARADISE LOST.

I have played this album 5 times now and I’m hearing new things each time and I’ve not got bored of it yet, so for that to happen it’s a damn good listen and for me to be impressed that’s saying something. If you love a bit of GOTHIC BLACK DEATH DOOM ( wow I’ve just invented a new genre) then this is for you

Review by Anubis Dracul
Track Listing

1. GHOSTLY (5:25)
2. ERRATUM (5:21)
4. MASS MURDER (3:47)
6. JUDGE THEM (4:15)
8. SOLAR (5:15)


SS - Vocals, Guitars
AP - Drums, Keyboards, Cello
CT - Bass
TA - Guitars

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