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The Dysentery Penance
November 2015
Released: 2015, Vic Records
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

I’m usually wary of releases that re-package readily available early demos from notable bands. While I happen to personally love Pestilence, I’m definitely curious about the sudden motivation to re-release the band’s 1987 demos only a year after Patrick Mameli chose to close up the Pestilence shop for a second time. Insert cynical cash grab insinuation – here.

THE DYSENTERY PENANCE combines Pestilence’s DYSENTERY and THE PENANCE demos together onto one CD for the first time, that is, unless you count time they released these tracks with a MALLEUS MALEFICARUM reissue a while back. But I digress; this version has an interview with Patrick Mameli himself – which was not included with the promo, so I can’t tell you anything about that, and features 2 live tracks from THE PENANCE era. AND it was remastered by Dan Swano; because if you’re gonna remaster an almost 30 year old pair of demos, why not?

Okay, I know I’m being an ass here. But really; who is this intended for? The die-hard Pestilence fans likely already have this in some form or another (but will likely buy it again); other than that, I’m stumped. The tracks themselves are decently produced but are still generally subpar in comparison to what would eventually appear on the MALLEUS debut, not to mention light years behind what would eventually show up on albums like CONSUMING IMPULSE or TESTIMONY. Mameli has himself distanced the band from early material like this for a reason, so consider that when you’re debating whether or not to plunk down your hard earned shekels for the sake of being a completist.
Track Listing

1. Against the Innocent
2. Delirical Life
3. Traitors Gate
4. Throne of Death
5. Into Hades
6. Before The Penance
7. Affection
8. Fight the Plague
9. Beneath the Penance (Live)
10. Fight the Plague (Live)


Patrick Mameli - Guitars, Bass, Vocals (Tracks 1-5)
Randy Meinhard - Guitars
Marco Foddis - Drums
Martin van Drunen - Vocals (Tracks 5-10)

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