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Pain Confessor
Purgatory of the Second Sun
May 2007
Released: 2007, Megamania Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The 3rd album from Finland´s Pain Confessor is a great improvement since the band´s somewhat breathless and disappointing second album, FEARRAGE, which lacked a sort of final punch in terms of stealing its listener´s attention immediately. I don´t know what has happened, but the hard fact is the Pain Confessor team has really worked their ass off for the songs on their newest album, PURGATORY OF THE SECOND SUN.

After an apocalyptic intro “Planetkiller”, the album is kicked off by a raging number, “Without Redemption, Without Remorse”, which is probably one of the catchiest and most successful tunes Pain Confessor have managed to pen during 4-5 years long history. What a really nicely punishing and well-chosen opener for this album. Next song, “My Lost Words” keeps the tempo up and the band makes their own venomous cocktail, mixing elements from both modern sounding Death and Thrash Metal, and spicing it up with certain wicked melodies and riffs that take a listener somewhere to those soundscapes where many so-called ´melodic´ Black Metal bands absorb some of their true evilness from.

And the same formula basically continues through the rest of the album, too. Pain Confessor keeps on melting ingredients from several styles together, modernizing this well-built road a bit with some successful musical solutions that nicely add enough of a sort of uniqueness into their own apocalyptic approach. The use of keyboard parts is also done with good taste, without exaggerating their presence too much as a part of other instruments, but giving them an equal treatment as a part of well thought-out wholeness. Songs like “The Harvest” and “Second Sun” are two of the many good examples off the album that justify the keyboards´ presence as merely an innovative creator of depths of music and atmosphere, rather than an over-powering element against all the other instruments presented in Pain Confessor´s punishing Death/Thrash approach. Admittedly all those precious hours spent in their rehearsal room have truly paid off for them. I also find it rather funny how Pain Confessor manages to sound like Jarva-era Sentenced in “Lost of Forever”, consider it purely a coincidence or not. “Dreamcrusher”, one of the better songs off PURGATORY in my opinion, offers a 3-minute lesson in intense and vicious blackish Thrash Metal, decorated with a fistful of melodies that adds a welcome breath of contrast to the song in question. And when the album is ended by a corpse-heavy “Coming down a Storm” that also has a somewhat familiar Hypocrisy vibe in it, I gotta admit Pain Confessor have managed to compose a very good album this time - even despite all of these slight musical influences here and there. So, to say, "Good job, guys", is still an understatement regarding the true strength of the songs on PURGATORY OF THE SECOND SUN.
Track Listing

01. Planetkiller
02. Without Redemption, Without Remorse
03. My Last Words
04. Mercenaries
05. The Harvest
06. Ne Plus Ultra
07. Second Sun
08. Last of Forever
09. Dreamcrusher
10. Coming down a Storm


Make - Vocals
Wesleyer - Rhythm Guitar
Tuomas - Lead & rhythm guitar
Mikko - Bass & backing vocals
Pasi - Keyboards
Mikko - Drums

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by Luxi Lahtinen

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by Luxi Lahtinen

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