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Call to War
December 2016
Released: 2016, MDD Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

German Thrash Metal band, Pessimist, give you a reason to party like it's 1989 again. The reissued album 'Call to War' feels right at home among the many classic Thrash Metal Bands of that era.

Trommelfeuer, the opening track, is a German warfare term referring to massive barrage attack in a singular location. And that is exactly what this album does by leaving a sonic attack on the listener from the get-go. Vocalist TZ shouts at lyrics with such ferocity and anger it reminded me of the early works of Venom. Raw, Brutal, to the point. Guitarists Peppi and Richie trade off some massive riffs and melodies that will defiantly get your fists pumping. Adding to the awesome Thrash-ness that is this album, is drummer Raphie's constant double bass that helps solidify that late 80's early 90's Thrash feel.

With titles as "Call to War" and "Death by Torture, war is a constant theme on this album and is apparent with the constant chugging and crunchy guitar sounds heard throughout. "Infernal Death" is a blitzkrieg attack of a song, making no apologies and blasting the listener from the start. Prelude (Arm for War) slows things down for a moment before speeding things back up again.

If you are a fan of Thrash Metal, especially anything with an "old-school" feel, you need to pick this one up!
Track Listing

01. Trommelfeuer
02. The Massacre of Nanking
03. Infernal Death
04. Prelude Arm for War
05. Call to War
06. Son of Satan
07. It’s Time To…
08. Death by Torture
09. Another Day in Mania
10. Hell of War (Bonus Track)
11. Kill or be Killed (Bonus Track)
12. Armageddon (Bonus Track)
13. I Hate You (Bonus Track)
14. Nuclear Holocaust (Bonus Track)


TZ Vocals
Richie Guitars
Peppi Guitars
Sevi Bass
Raphie Drums

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