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Pain Confessor
May 2003
Released: 2003, Self-released
Rating: 3.7/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Angry, pissed-off, aggressive, violent but still melodic yet well churned out metal from the land of ´Kossu & Sauna´, Finland… That´s what Pain Confessor, this somewhat new rising Finnish metal act is all about; and maybe even more that is yet to be discovered. Pain Confessor (great name, BTW…!), however, was formed in August 2002 by 4 young metalheads full of unchallenged passion and great ideas to play metal in a modern 2003–style. Soon old-school metal freak Vesa “Wesleyer” Sakkinen was added to the line-up as a second guitarist who most obviously brought some of his past musical experiences from the glorious Speed/Thrash days of A.R.G. (= a semi-legendary Finnish Thrash Metal outfit that had quite an impact on the Finnish metal scene back in the day – Luxi notes!) into this brand-new incarnation of metal.

This self-titled, 4-song demo introduces us to a band that could be labeled as a groovily rockin´ extreme metal act with some bites from the Gothenburg sound mixed in. I guess that description should do at least some justice for them even if I happen to know by now that by using a proper name ´Gothenburg´ linked to a style oddly scares away a number of people nowadays for a very much understandable reason. The opening song off the demo, “Hollow Souls” reminds me of another extreme metal act, namely Diablo. Both melodic - and violent ingredients of a modern metal music have been melted together immensely well – and a use of both brutal grunts and clear singing brings some nice contrast into the song all-in-all. The next song titled “Erased Empathy” is the most ´Gothenburg´-sounding cut off the demo. A marriage between some melodic guitar rhythms and atmospheric synth parts in the background of the song are basically the carrying forces of “Erased Empathy”.

The title for the hottest and most violent number can be given to the third song entitled “Fiery Thorns” on this very promising demo. The tempo is kept quite fast and the vocals turn out to my liking very much. I believe this song being played in a live situation most probably breaks some necks in the crowd - or at least creates some good, face-kickin´ vibes amongst the metal audience anyway. The last song out of the four songs on offer on Pain Confessor´s debut demo, “Instinct to Resist”, is damn good as a song as well, having its own truly pissed-off moments, but in a fair competition with the latter track, it loses some not-so-major points in intensity and in catchiness. But as some of you may know already, ´Being Picky´ are my second and third names…

Pain Confessor surely are worth keeping our ears out for in the future ´coz I strongly yet honestly believe this 4-song demo wasn´t their last release. A very promising start from them…
Track Listing

01. Hollow Souls
02. Erased Empathy
03. Fiery Thorns
04. Instinct to Resist


Make – Vocals
Wesleyer – Guitar
Tuomas K. – Guitar
Mikko K. – Bass
Pasi – Synth
Mikko L. – Drums

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