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Perfect Chaos
The Eightbound Five
November 2007
Released: 2007, CFTN Distribution
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

It´s been 3 years since these Finnish modern (dea-)thrashers released their debut album, BREED HATE: SHEER FATE. On that release Perfect Chaos pretty much left a good impression of themselves about a band that has at least a thing or two in common with bands like The Haunted and Slayer. And that´s nothing to do with any negativity when talking about those two influential bands in question.

Perfect Chaos have read their road signs well as they still do follow Slayer´s and The Haunted´s footprints kinda determinedly on THE EIGHTBOUND FIVE. Not only the riffs and some of their other stuff throw a listener towards to Slayer or The Haunted´s direction, but also the band´s vocalist Ari has this strange (call it an inborn) tendency to sound like a cross between Slayer´s Araya and The Haunted´s Dolving. The best Araya-imitation is given in the opener track of the album, "Blind Horizon", in which Ari has obviously carefully marked how Mr. Araya spits his lungs out. His Dolving-type vocalism comes then more and more to the surface in the other songs, letting all his fury and anger out in such a way that somewhat perfectly supports the song´s aggressive and heavy nature. Comparing THE EIGHTBOUND FIVE to their debut release, I think this album comes across as being a bit heavier, probably slightly groovier and overall better executed than its predecessor. Altogether, THE EIGHTBOUND FIVE is a pretty entertaining package of modern thrash that many fans of such bands as The Haunted, Slayer, Meshuggah and the likes should find appealing enough for themselves. If you are a fan of those aforementioned names, then you just might give yourselves a try of Perfect Chaos, too.
Track Listing

01. Blind Horizon
02. Human Cage
03. Swallowed
04. Eightbound Five
05. Godmode
06. Ill Whispers
07. Wrapped in Plastic
08. Origin Zero
09. Reason - Result
10. 21st Century Corpse


Aki Häkkinen - Vocals
Terho Tikkanen - Guitar
Janne Karjalainen - Guitar
Antti Holappa - Bass
Panu Heikkinen - Drums

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