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Perfect Chaos
April 2004
Released: 2004, Poison Arrow Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The very first release of a new rising Finnish metal label Poison Arrow Records, Perfect Chaos´s debut full-length album called BREED HATE: STEER FATE is a very promising start for both the label and the band as well. We are talking about sort of a retro-Thrash -thing here musically with hints of Death Metal –influences, basically done into the well-known Swedish vein that occasionally brings bands like The Haunted, Meshuggah and At the Gates to our minds. And we cannot leave Slayer´s name totally mentioned out of the pile either.

Are you still reading? Good...

As a sort of background info for any curious fucks who may be interested in some trivia-like details of Perfect Chaos, it need to be said that they are a rather new band to the Finnish metal scene as the band was formed sometimes around in 2001. The guys in the band admit their interest and love for the sounds of such acts as The Haunted, Slayer, Meshuggah and At the Gates without any hesitations and when you place B.H.S.F. into your CD –player, you just don´t go questioning any of those influences in the band´s sound at all. They indeed are ALL there, sticking out like sharp needles ready to hurt you... or give you some pleasure.

But just cut the crap now ´coz all the 11 songs – and I do mean ALL 11 songs the guys of this furious fivesome has recorded for their debut album, ´kicks äzzz...´ just like Beavis & Butthead would put it the simplest way. What I like mostly like on the album, are many wicked and brutal The Haunted/Slayer –style of Thrash –riffs that absolutely dominate most of the song structures on this violent and very hostile release. Spinning through songs like "Eight Corners of a Box", "The Captured One", "No-one. Never. Nothing", "Wake the Sleeping World" and "Old and Stained" should put your neck muscles for a good test, forcing you to turn the volume to the maximum level on a volume scale and eventually you find yourself making excuses for your nearest neighbors, telling them you had no idea what on earth went into you.

By a bit closer look for those who are looking for exact comparisons to some bands or at least to something, I have to admit that Perfect Chaos´ BREED HATE: SHEER FATE did remind me of The Haunted´s self-titled debut album in many ways. Mostly it´s really a truckload of somewhat ´slayeresque´ -riffs, rhythms and killer hooks that these dudes seem to possess in their hands more than convincing enough way just like The Haunted did o their highly praised debut. The guys raise and release a quite big Hell on their very positively Thrash -sounding BREED... album and I surely know I´m enjoin´ the hell out of this. Last but not least, I guess it also must be mentioned that Aki´s vocal approach is even surprisingly quite similar to Peter Dolving´s vocal patterns (who just almost recently rejoined back to The Haunted); aggressive, brutal and somewhat hysteric could be those three adjectives to describe Aki´s vocals on the album. I think they would hardly have found any more fitting shouter for their album than Aki is.

Well, there´s not much else to be revealed about BREED... actually, but I can easily bet that you will hear a lot of more about these furious thrashers in the near future. Brutal and aggressive kick-ass retro-Thrash shouldn´t leave anyone cold. This stuff kills even once dead people!
Track Listing

01. Forge Invisible Fire
02. Eight Corners of a Box
03. The Captured One
04. Dead Weight Falling
05. No-one. Never. Nothing
06. Wake the Sleeping World
07. Chaotic Revolution
08. No Flesh Endures in Fire
09. Knife for an Eye
10. Old and Stained
11. The Life You Drain


Aki Häkkinen – Vocals
Terho Tikkanen – Guitar
J.K. - Guitar
Holappa - Bass
Panu Heikkinen – Drums

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