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July 2015
Released: 2015, Imminence Records
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Pennsylvania's PERDITION take on melodic death metal may not be entirely original, but it still works in places. Their self titled debut album sounds like a mixture of Black Dahlia Murder, later Emperor and Moonspell, mixing symphonic metal leanings with melodic death metal. I am glad the band does not incorporate cheesy clean vocals into this recording, allowing the aggression to come through on the 13 tracks offered here.The bonus tracks are interesting, while the demo version of "Lost Rites" is definitely well produced, the "Decadence" remix comes out of the left field entirely with it's reggae beats and dubs. Despite this, the band made some interesting stuff out of the 13 tracks that pertain the album.

The strongest tracks on PERDITION's self titled release come early, with "Silent God", "Spectral Deviant (The Road to Timnah)" and the metal version of "Decadence" as highlights. Of the later tracks on the album, "Legions of Hell" is pummeling with its mixture of Emperor-like symphonic stuff with death metal riffs. Midway through the record though, I found the band to repeating themselves in areas. Also, the band sounds better when playing fast, ripping death metal than when resorting to groove metal riffs and breakdowns which sort of bring them down a bit. All in all, while not a great album, it's still a good offering with its strongest material happening whenever the band goes fully into death metal and symphonic metal stylings.

PERDITION have demonstrated to be a talented bunch with nice ideas on this record. I hope the band pursues even more experimentation in the future while staying away from as many predictable elements as possible. As far as this record goes, though, it's still a decent debut from this band. If they continue on with their Emperor-meets-modern death metal style, I see a great future for them.

Review by Titus Isaac
Track Listing

1. Intro
2. Silent God
3. Spectral Deviant (The Road to Timnah)
4. Interlude in C
5. The Embrace of Undeath
6. Decadence
7. By the Grasp of Haunting Voices
8. Solace
9. Pit of Carrion
10. Legions of Hell
11. Century of the Machine
12. Etude in C
13. Walls of Biblicide
14. Lost Rites (2015 Demo)
15. Decadence (EDM Remix)


Cryptic Josh- Voices
Andrew DeSanctis- Guitar/Bass/Samples/Backing Vocals
Noah Scarpelli - Drums
Clare DeSanctis- Keys/Synth

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