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Dancing With the Dead
March 2005
Released: 2005, Stockholm Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

If you’re not familiar with Pain, I suggest you check out the review of the CD “SAME OLD SONG”, reviewed in

The multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist, genius, and legend, Peter Tägtgren, is back as Pain, with the new album DANCING WITH THE DEAD. As always, when he’s done a Pain, album he’s done all the work by himself. He’s done the production, written all the material, played all the instruments, and everything was recorded in Peter’s own studio Abyss Studio. Many of the national and international metal elite have recorded their albums at this studio. Pain is a side-project from Peter’s original band, Hypocrisy, and with Pain, Peter has released three albums; the latest one came in '02 called NOTHING REMAINS THE SAME.

In Pain, Peter plays with both synthesizers/electronics, very sharp guitars, and he creates an interesting style of industrial metal. He balances between brutal, industrial metal, and a more radio friendly, industrial metal for the masses. A lot of his earlier singles have reached pretty far on the charts here in Sweden, with Peter showing what kind of voice capacity he has. With this album he sings with his more ordinary voice, compared to his brutal style in Hypocrisy and Bloodbath, which he just joined. If Peter has used a drum machine, I do not know and I leave that unsaid, but if he did he sure has done remarkable programming, ‘cause the drums sound very good.

The standard of the material, both lyric and music wise on this album, is very high; Peter having an enormous spark and energy on all 12 tracks. As a preview of the album, Pain released a CDS SAME OLD SONG, which was an excellent choice to represent the full album. How has Peter succeeded with the production then? Well, Peter is also a genius producer, and I have absolutely nothing to complain about in that department. He has created a heavy and sharp, but yet somewhat radio friendly production, and I think that DANCING WITH THE DEAD is the strongest album Pain has released so far.

This album is jammed with strong material, an excellent and charismatic singer, strong choruses, and an overall strong production. The cover is very artsy and dark, and a lot of the songs are of a single material; this is electric/metal of high class. I think that Pain is going to grow even bigger and Peter is going to gain more fans with DANCING WITH THE DEAD. All of you Pain fans out there are not going to be disappointed at all when you hear this album. Single number two is due to be released within a couple of weeks.

All tracks are brilliant, but if I have to choose my favorites, it’ll be “Don’t Count Me Out”, “Tear It Up”, “Bye/Die”, “A Good Day to Die”, “Stay Away”, and “”Same Old Song”.
Track Listing

Don’t Count Me Out
Same Old Song
The Tables Have Turned
Not Afraid to Die
Dancing With the Dead
Tear It Up
My Misery
Good Day to Die
Stay Away
Third Wave


Peter Tägtgren – All instruments, Lead vocals

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