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Pentagram (Mezarkabul)
January 2003
Released: n/a, Bocek Yapim
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Rick

This is one of the most unique CDs in my collection in that it is sang totally in Turkish. You got that right, Turkish. BIR is really an extension of UNSPOKEN, the bands last CD that was released in 2001 on Sanctuary Records. When the band was recording the UNSPOKEN album they recorded 17 songs, some of which were in Turkish. These songs are what can be found on BIR. The 2 different band names used for the releases results from copyright problems. The band has been known as Pentagram in Turkey since they released their first CD in1987. To differentiate themselves from another Pentagram they record under the name Mezarkabul when releasing albums outside of Turkey.

BIR (which means ONE in Turkish) contains a total of 9 tracks of which 4 are instrumentals. The intro “Tigris” introduces the bands eastern tinged sound. The title track is up next and it is one of the best songs on the disc. Unfortunately I have no idea what the lyrics are saying and could not get a translation. That doesn’t really matter because the song itself is such a strong track that it doesn’t matter what language the lyrics are in. It is the universal language of metal that shines through loud and clear. “Bu Alemi Goren Sensin” to me has a vague Paradise Lost feel to it but with the guitars much more up front. The 2 tracks that find their way onto both BIR and UNSPOKEN are “For Those Who Died Alone” and “Mezarkabul. The latter is an 8 minute instrumental that has a bit of everything that makes this band so great. Dark melodies, Middle Eastern passages and crunchy riffs are melded seamlessly to make 8 minutes drift by like 30 seconds. “Olumlu” closes out the vocal tracks on the CD. In his UNSPOKEN review EvilG compared parts of the CD to Metallica. I have to agree because on this track there is a BLACK ALBUM feel to the song. The disc closes with the instrumental “For Those Who Died Alone”.

It is always great to see a band that is not afraid to release a CD in their native language. It is unfortunate however, that BIR will only be available in Turkey. Sanctuary releases the bands English language CDs while the Turkish language releases are handled by Bccek Yapim. In any event, if you were a fan of UNSPOKEN, then you are sure to enjoy BIR.
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