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March 2004
Released: 2003, Imperator Music
Rating: 4.7/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

It was about the time to hear from these German ´techno-deathsters´ (please do note that this has nothing to do with noises of Techno ´music´!) after a long while. How many years has it been since they released their debut album A PALE DELIBITATING AUTUMN? 9-10 years?! Yes... exactly and the band´s follow-up album titled FURIOSO was released just in the fall of 2003. I guess it could be easy to say that nearly 10 long years between the two albums of the band could have put them into an eternal oblivion; at least I thought they were dead and buried a long time ago for good.

But I was glad to find out how wrong I was concerning them. The band´s line-up has been shrunk from a 5-piece line-up to 4-piece since the days of their strong debut album, but that doesn´t mean they would have become less technical and simplified their songs on their 2nd effort. In fact, I think they have just done the opposite; a growing amount of a sheer complexity and non-stop technical virtuosity has been added into Pavor´s overall damn tight and aggressive Death Metal sound on FURIOSO, making the whole album stand out incredibly well if a very high level of an unrelenting technicality and creativity is what you have always admired and appreciated in Death Metal. Kind of in a nutshell, just try to think of such an equation where Atheist meets Cynic technicality-wise and Immolation meets Demigod in brutality-wise and you should have a good idea about Pavor´s furious Death Metal ride on FURIOSO. There´s no other way I could describe them any better. Right at the very moment I even cannot think of any other band coming from the German Death Metal scene that could have developed a technical level of playing this further into an utterly complex level.

What as a matter of fact comes out from the album most effectively as a pair of sharp horns of the beast, is the way how an enormous role Rainer Landfermann´s bass parts has got on FURIOSO. His bass parts have got as much responsibility on their songs as Armin Rave´s totally amazing guitar parts. And Rainer as the band´s 4-stringer torturer, has used this opportunity well to shine on this absolutely intriguingly genius Death Metal album a splendid way, proving at the same time to be as one of the most talented bass players I have ever managed to witness in a harder side of metal music. I honestly think he even beats both Steve DiGiorgio and Tony Choy in both technicality and creativity. What an amazingly talented player he is really...

The whole album is like a big praiseful manifesto for a superiority of an aggressive, intensive, untamed yet still tightly controlled Death Metal and I´d personally like to throw this somewhat underrated German Death metal act to the same 1st class kill division together with Atheist, Cynic, Pestilence, Atrocity (German one; and their 1st two album only!), Human Remains and the likes that have always, more or less pushed themselves forward musically both in creativity and uniqueness and kind of never taken anything for granted. Pavor simply crushes in all these essential fields of Death Metal that make them to rise up from the pile toward the very top elite of today´s most respected Death Metal acts. So to conclude my honest comments about them and their damn excellent 2nd album, it would be shame for you if you missed to check FURIOSO out ´coz I can clearly see the future of German Death Metal in this fine foursome called Pavor. A highly recommended stuff in here... so be sure to not miss it even by accident.
Track Listing

01. Inflictor of Grimness
02. Perplexer: Perdition Projectile
03. Wroth Volcanic Vent
04. Furioso
05. A Schizoid Uglifier
06. Crucified Hopes
07. Inconsistent Clayblood Totemist
08. Dilettante´s Dilemma


Claudius Schwartz – Vocals
Armin Rave – Guitar
Rainer Landfermann – Bass
Michael Pelkowsky – Drums

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by Luxi Lahtinen

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