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Patterson, Dayal
Cult Never Dies-The Megazine (Book Review)
March 2017
Released: 2016, Cult Never Dies
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

This book review is going to be a bit shorter for a couple of reasons. One I have recently reviewed the other books by Dayal Patterson in his ‘Cult Never Dies’ series. Secondly, this new book (the fourth in the series, his fifth overall) THE MEGAZINE is not altogether different than the previous titles. There I’d recommend reading those others reviews as well.

THE MAGAZINE is nicely presented a slightly oversized paperback with good layout, design and presentation. It is all black and white of course. There are quite a few black and white photos and a very minimal amount of non-intrusive advertising. The 265-page book is printed on quite nice paper as well.

Much like the other titles, the book consists of extensive interviews, in this case 14 in total. There are a couple of key differences however. Patterson has recruited a long-time associate as a guest contributor. More importantly, this is the first book to tackle bands outside of Black Metal. In his introduction Patterson explains that there is lots of cross-fertilization in the early days of extreme Metal and his fanzine at the time covered a lot of it. Accordingly we get some cool bands like doomsters, Reverend Bizarre, adventurous Death metallers Bal-Sagoth, and the somewhat more indefinable or un-categorizeable (is that even a word?) band, In The Woods. A highlight for me, found across the Cult Never Dies series, are the industry interviews. In THE MEGAZINE, there is a lengthy interview with Jon Kristiansen but not about, as one might expect, his legendary fanzine, Slayer, but a focus on his under-rated record label Head Not Found. I recall buying many HNF releases in the heady, early days of Black Metal. Living in Western Canada it seems so exotic , compared to Metal Blade example, and had the coolest record label name around, compared to Century Media, for example. Along those lines are cool interviews with illustrator Gareth Elliot and photographer Ester Segarra. If you are a fan of Black Metal you have seen her photos, maybe without realizing it. I find these, non-musician interviews very interesting, just as much as another interview with a member of a relatively obscure band talking about walking around in the woods in corpse-paint Norway in 1992. Overall, THE MEGAZINE is another excellent collection of insightful and intelligent interviews.

Through hard work, attention to detail, and a deliberate attempt to avoid trends and crap, Patterson really has established himself as one of the pre-eminent experts on global Black Metal. THE MEGAZINE is yet another skull in the ever-growing pile of skulls lying at the foot of his throne of evil.

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