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Reopening The Gates
February 1998
Released: 1998, n/a
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Omen have apparently been around for years with several CD's out. I've been into metal for quite some time and I've never heard of them...until now. They have the 90's Pantera metal sound down and they ALL have the chops. Overall, this is mediocre meat and potatoes metal. I've heard it before, but Omen pull it off well, their years of experience clearly coming into play. The vocals make the CD for me - no annoying screeching, no whinning singing and no indecipherable barking, just middle of the road aggression - well suited to the style of music they play. Omen are the type of band where you pop the CD into the player and you immediately like it. There's no listening to it 90 times to determine if they have anything to offer. Right away you'll like it.

Goto their website at to find out more on the band.
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