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Omega Crom
To Arms (demo)
October 2003
Released: 2003, Indie
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

British Columbia’s Omega Crom came to my attention via in my home province. I had the pleasure of seeing them live and was blown away. Quickly acquiring the demo I continue to be impressed by these five dudes.

This is a four track demo, two studio cuts and two live tracks. I’ve never understood the logic behind putting live versions of songs very few have heard before but I suppose it makes sense to show the band can work it live as well.

Not much in terms of packaging or presentation…no lyrics, no photos, in fact no packaging at all! I don’t even know the names of the people in the band! A demo in the truest sense of the word. Opening cut ‘Battlefield’ evokes wonderful images of …metal! You can immediately add Omega Crom into the growing legions of true metal warriors in Canada. This is a very harsh very of power metal with lots and lots of guitar, flailing drums and crushingly heavy vocals.

The vocals are what will make or break this band. His voice has an incredible range and power. He does both high and low switching between high and low with astonishing fluidity and ease… even in the same line of lyrics! I have not heard a natural talent this impressive in a long, long time. Many bands have two vocalists, one doing the high and one doing the low but does both with flair and authority.

The songs shred along at a mighty pace hindered only by surprisingly raw and sub-standard production values. Nothing a budget couldn’t fix. Imagine a hybrid of Maiden (with Halford’s, Diamond’s and Barne’s vocals) with Iced Earth on crack combined with the unleashed fury of a young and skinny Malmsteen. Very cool shit. I get a lot of demos and despite many presentation flaws…this is the best pound for pound, raw, true metal band I have heard in a long time. For a couple of obscure references they remind me of Three Inches of Blood and in some sense the cool diversity of Hammers of Misfortune. Great band, cool name, great merch, awesome logo and an adherence to metal principles that brings a smile to my face. Check them out at…
Track Listing

1. Battlefield
2. Parliament of stone
3. The Passing of Azezel (Live)
4. Of Past and Present (Live)





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