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Old Man's Child
Revelation 666: The Curse of Damnation
November 2000
Released: 2000, Century Media Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Joe

I sort of ordered this CD on a whim after catching approximately half the track "Hominis Nocturna" on Snakenet Metal Radio several weeks back. The song sounded pretty good on first listen, so I decided to price the disc at Turned out it was only $17 CDN (that’s about $1.89 U.S. Haha...), so I went ahead and ordered it. And I’m glad I did, because not only is Revelation 666 a very good CD, but it’s also got a picture of a naked chick on the cover. Naked chicks GOOOOOD!!!

The disc begins with "Phantoms of Mortem Tales", a heavy, yet catchy, mid-paced tune that is nicely accented with some atmospheric keys and well placed double-kicks. From there, it segues into "Hominis Nocturna", another heavy and catchy song, complete with symphonic keyboards, blast beats, and Power Metal styled riffing. Other cool tunes include "Passage to Pandemonium", "Unholy Vivid Innocence", and "Obscure Divine Manifestation". But the truth is, there are no "bad" songs on this CD. All of the songs are equal in quality, in my opinion.

Recorded at Abyss Studios and engineered/co-produced by Peter "Where’d you get your pass?" Tatgren (Yo! Mad props to da Ice Maiden! Hehehe...), the production on Revelation 666 is very good. I mention this because a lot of Symphonic/Melodic Black Metal (at least most of what I’ve heard) tends to be a little "raw" sounding (Emperor’s IX: Equilibrium comes to mind...). Of course, I don’t listen to a whole lot of this stuff, so what the hell do I know? The production’s good and I’ll just leave it at that.

In addition to the great production, the musicianship is impressive as well. Of course, it would have to be for a drum god like Gene Hoglan to agree to play with the band, wouldn’t it? I’m not sure if Gene plays on this particular CD, but he did play on some of the band’s older material. In the credits, the band members all have silly Black Metal names and the pictures are too small to be able to tell with certainty if Hoglan is among them or not. Stupid corpse paint.

Anyway, if you like bands like Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, etc,... then Old Man’s Child just might be a band of interest. And if you happen to be a fan already, then this disc will have to do you for awhile... I recently read that Galder (vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist) is the official replacement of ex-Dimmu Borgir guitarist Astennu, so OMC is currently "on hold". Personally, I found this bit of info rather amusing since the first thing I remember thinking when I received Revelation 666 was "Kinda sounds like Dimmu Borgir... With better production." Ahh... Life’s little ironies...
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