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November 2000
Released: 2000, Kalubone Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Nathan Robinson

Anyone remember Dark Angel? Of course you do! I am one of those that like every Dark Angel album but admire Time Does Not Heal the most (any album that gets advertised as “256 riffs in 67 minutes” automatically gets two thumbs up in my book!). I still remember hearing about the band’s breakup. It was a sad thing to hear. I also remember hearing that vocalist Ron Rinehart formed a new band called Hunger. I always hoped to see an album surface, but the years silently passed on. I finally crossed them off my list of “bands to watch”. Then out of nowhere, Refine visits my mailbox. Who in the hell is Oil? Lo and behold, this is Ron Rinehart’s new band! Talk about being very surprised! How come no one ever heard about this band? Simple: they are a Christian metal band. Christian metal bands unfortunately never seem to make many waves in your usual magazines and webzines. It’s too bad because there are some killer bands out there that go unheard. Anyhow, you have to wonder how Ron can go from singing “The New Priesthood” in Dark Angel to praising Jesus in Oil? Well however it happened, you just have to accept it, because his vocals truly shine! He doesn’t thrash like on Leave Scars. His style is a bit reminiscent of Time Does Not Heal, but he has matured very nicely and doesn’t carry out the last word of every line (even though I still think his vocals ruled on that album, many criticized him for that). The music is pretty simple and straightforward heavy power metal. Not your European fantasy-type power metal with constant double bass and soaring vocals and themes about dragons and wizards. No, I mean pummeling, slow to mid-paced, extremely heavy metal with pounding drums and typical guitar leads. The musicians are very skilled and tight, but they should perhaps attempt some more challenging songwriting. They just don’t sound original enough. And although Ron’s performance is strong, the lyrics are just too basic. Christian themes run throughout the album, but the lyrics are not very in-depth. I have no problem accepting Christian topics in the music I listen to, but there are plenty of other positive messages to express instead of essentially saying “praise god” in every song. Just read Tourniquet’s lyrics for example. Thus, the weakest part of Oil is their lyrics. Overall, these guys aren’t out to break any new musical ground with their music, and if it wasn’t for Ron on vocals, I wouldn’t be into this album nearly as much. There are other bands that do this stuff better. Besides, I’m more of a death, thrash, and technical metal freak than power metal. But Refine is great to put on if you just want to bang your head to some truly heavy music. Refine is the second release from Oil. Their first is a self-titled EP. Visit their web site for additional information
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